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The Walk

We had lived in our present house for many years before we started to explore our immediate surroundings. We were just too busy with work, family and thousands of other things, I guess. But a few years ago I realized that spending the day behind the computer is really unhealthy, so I started to take long walks. And I discovered that we live in a very beautiful part of the country. At first, I explored everywhere but gradually a favorite route emerged: The Walk.

Our house is on the outskirts of a small town. Getting out of town, you pass nice traditional farmhouses, newly built houses where the architect had a blast, and the inevitable road works and graffiti.

Last winter, I was quite upset when the town council decided to dig up half of the playing fields at the edge of town. But when spring came, I quickly forgave them because they had created a fabulous meadow with spring and summer flowers. It’s now in full bloom.

The most interesting part of the walk is when you pass a small piece of woodland that was used by the local crematorium to scatter ashes. It has been out of use for nearly ten years but people still attach mementos to the gate. A child’s stuffed animals, small wooden shoes, a living plant with a newly posted letter and a small lantern with plastic roses. It’s a very peaceful place.

After passing the allotments, you reach the open countryside with free roaming cows (quite unusual nowadays), beautiful open fields and a small stretch of marshland. And then you turn right at the wooden gate and walk back home.

When I see these pictures, I wonder why we ever want to go away for a holiday. But we do. Next weekend we’re off for a week in Denmark. See you all when I get back.


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Ohhhh, lovely. What a beautiful, Shire-like walk.

I hope you have a wonderful week in Denmark!

Thanks, I'm sure we'll have a great time in Denmark (once it stops raining!!!).
Yes, it is a bit Shire-like here, only completely flat; no hills at all but it has the same peaceful atmosphere.

wow! you won't see anything like this in a big city like mine. except for maybe the intriguing architecture. very lovely and it looks peaceful. have a great time in denmark!

Thanks, Lady.
Our small town is only 6 kilometers from a big city. So, when I want the city life, it's right around the corner.

(Deleted comment)
That memory fence is really amazing. As often as I look, there's always something new there. It's very touching.

What a lovely meadow I love the blue that look like cornflowers and the red of the poppies, I love walking on my own but we are members of the UK walkers Association and have even tackled Snowdon Wales highest mountain, thanks for sharing your walk with us:)

You're right; those are cornflowers and poppies. Nice, old fashioned flowers!
So, you are members of the UK walkers association and you even tackled Snowdon!! My partner is also a member and he has just been to the SE of the UK for a long-distance walk. He was back much earlier than I expected because he was "rained out". Always a risk in the UK and also where we live.

Rain in the UK never:-)
I can't believe that you get rain like we do in Wales it's like a rain forest here at the moment
Love Carol XX

Great photos, thanks for sharing! Your Walk looks lovely :-)

Enjoy your holiday in Denmark!

Thanks, Jane. Your pictures from the Wildlife Park gave me the idea to show you all something of my part of the world.

What an absolutely gorgeous place to walk. Have a great time in Denmark. Do you know mumis? She lives in Denmark. She's from Spain, but married a Dane and has lived in Denmark for many years.

Mumis is one of my twitter and LJ friends. I know she lives in Denmark and is originally from Spain. The Danish language must have been so difficult to learn because it is so different from Spanish.

You live in a lovely, peaceful place. The meadow is so pretty. :)

Enjoy your week in Denmark.

Thanks, Addie. I feel really blessed to live here.

I discovered that we live in a very beautiful part of the country

I agree totally. It's quite a beautiful area. I love the idea of a memory fence and it does look peaceful. Enjoy your time in Denmark and take lots of pics if you can for us to see.

Thank you, Romeny. I'll certainly take my camera to Denmark.

Wow, what a beautiful area you live in! I love the meadow of wildflowers. And that first house -- lol, what an amazing design! So many curves and circles! I also really like the color composition in the picture of the graffiti. I seem to be developing an unexpected taste for urban art.

Hi Robin, Nice to see you're back online!
This post was interesting to make. I found that you are paying much more attention to your surroundings when you try to capture it in pictures because you want to share what you see with others.
BTW, how did the move go? Have you had time to adjust a bit?

Thanks for sharing these pics, I've really enjoyed them. You live in a very picturesque area. That first house is very quirky, isn't it? Very unusual but not really my 'cup of tea' - my taste in houses is much more conventional and I really liked the second house. The wild flowers are so beautiful - I keep saying that we should reserve a patch in our garden for wild flowers but still haven't got round to it!
Hope you have a great holiday:)

Thanks, Paulie. Like you, I much prefer the second house. We are so lucky to live in a relatively quiet part of the country. The Netherlands has 16 million inhabitants, so there are many very crowded areas. We tried a wild flower patch once but gave up because our garden doesn't get enough sun.

I've always wanted to live in the countryside, so to have a gorgeous house like that second one, and to live in such a beautiful place must be a dream come true..

I love your walk. It's so peaceful and colourful and .. flat!! That's the one thing here that i find so difficult, the hills. There's no getting away from them, they're everywhere lol!

Enjoy your holiday! I hope you're not deserting us for too long;)

Hi Belle, That second house was for sale last year but, of course, we could never have afforded it. House prices are sky-high here.
You're so right about the hills. I love walking but hill-walking is just too much for me. Fortunately, out country is dead-flat.
I won't be away for long, just a week. ;)

dear Ambree....i saw this weeks ago but (believe it or not) life has interfered every time i thought i would have time to really look at this lovely collection and comment. Fortunately (!) my car broke down yesterday and so I am at home, perforce, today, and catching up with many things.....

thank you for this lovely pictorial.....your photography skills improve apace!

Thank you so much for your comment, dear jan_u_wine. The advantage of having a standard walk is that you can monitor the changing seasons very closely. I'm always amazed that there is always something new to see, however often I take that walk.
Bad luck about your car. I hope it's not beyond repair!

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