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A Birthday
A very happy birthday to jan_u_wine. I hope you have a wonderful day. You may like this picture of "The Professor". He is always an inspiration. And he loved trees. To use his own words: "In every wood, in every spring, there is a different green".


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My favorite poem of his......and appropriate to a b'day, I think. It neatly and beautifully ties present, past, future. Thank u, dear Ambree!

Glad you liked it. I was amazed I found back that old Tolkien calender with his picture up front. One of the best. Inside, it has one of his own drawings for each month. Very beautiful. He was an artist with the brush as well as the pen.

yes. what a lovely, lovely man. Is it wrong to hope that there is an afterlife (and to hope that I am good enough to attain it), simply so that i could acquaint myself with such a spirit?

thank you again, dear Ambree!

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