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new friends
Using lindahoyland's post Prefect Matches - A sort of friending MEME, I found some new friends: christina_maria, curiouswombat, elwenlj, lab_jazz, manue7a, mrowe verdande_mi and wiseheart. To welcome you all to my flist I'm reposting this video.

Dutch artist Theo Jansen created this fantastic creature. It moves along the beach all by itself, driven by the wind.
Watch the video below. It's magical.

 photo strandbeest_zpsdijmnles.jpg

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I've seen a couple of short snippets of these before but I had no idea he had created so many. They are so amazing and quite magical to watch in action.

They seem to be alive....

LOVE this video, thank you for reposting!

Thank you for the add. =D

I am amazed every time I see video of those. So wild, and so creative!

The add was a bonus. ;-)

He has created living creatures.

Magical indeed! Is this one creature, changing its shape, or several different ones?

They are all constructed from small plastic modules that are designed to transfer wind power into movement.
Glad you liked it.

That's wonderful, it's the strangest thing ever. Thanks for reposting it.
I watched the vid on full screen.

Right, it's best seen on full screen with the music full on too.

That's a wonderful video. Hope you enjoy your new friends.

I do enjoy my new friends. Thank you so much for that friending meme. It was a great idea!

Hello :) :)

Neat video and concept!

Hi there!
This video always cheers me up. It's by the sea (love that) and it's full of magic.

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