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crushed women
Weeping for my American sisters.

 photo crushed women_zps5nnpaznh.jpg

(sculptures at open air museum De Waterborg, Eelde, the Netherlands)

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Perfect for the way so many of us are feeling right now. Thank you.

Looking on from afar with horror and deep sadness.

Yes, this is perfect. That's about how I feel today.

Looking at what happens in the US from a distance it's really hard to believe.

Thank you. It feels nice to have support in lots of places. Our country is screwed in a lot of ways short-term but I have faith we'll continue fighting & will eventually put our country back in the hands of positive leaders.

"I have faith we'll continue fighting & will eventually put our country back in the hands of positive leaders."

I hope that may happen soon!

you know....i don't feel crushed in the least. Energized in fact. In years gone by, these same conditions existed (note that Kav's indiscretions (that we know of) are decades old) but were not talked about. They were just accepted. Like ppl of color become accustomed to being treated badly, we ignored it, lived with it, maybe never talked about it. Now the ugly is out in the open. Sometimes the ugly takes a long, long while to correct. It's even possible that it won't be, in our lifetime. But the thing is that we don't stop. We must be the poster persons of our world, the ones that strive for equality for everyone, for justice, for love and beauty. I take my cue from Frodo, who did not, at the end of the day, have the strength to throw the Ring into the Fire (and was 'helped', by quite a damaged person, evil being used for the transmission of good, if you will), but he still did his utmost. Whether the battles of good / evil are won or not, it is of primary import that we all strive our utmost. No one can ask more than that.

Edited at 2018-10-06 09:01 pm (UTC)

Good that you feel energized. One may hope that the raw exposure of so much evil in the Trump clique urges more people to fight for the good. What angers me most is that this clique seems to get away with it and delights in flaunting that fact.

Frodo is a shining example for all of us.

Exactly. The others were like "think of how this is affecting the poor young men out there..." I was astounded when I heard that. What about the poor rapees forced to live with the PTSD, the fear, the guilt they feel as if they had somehow brought it about. The complete lack of empathy and the amount of scorn towards these women just blew me away, as if it was perfectly acceptable "well boys will be boys" type of behavior and should be condoned.

I'll never understand how people can be so ugly-minded.

It seems out illustrious leader has unleashed these people by making it ok to be so.

there may be nothing as maddening as having your nose rubbed in the rough-ground salt of such evil...

oh, the things we'd like to do to *those* people.

But....we'd be *them*, then, wouldn't we?

No matter what evil is done, we must surely keep our heads. At the end of the day, since *they* aren't keeping theirs, I have to believe that good and logic will prevail.

Of course, it could be an exceptionally long day......

Maybe I'll set to a Frodo poem. He always clarifies things for me....

Frodo: the *ghee* of my existence!

take care, dear Ambree

So sad. Putting us back at least 50 years..

"Putting us back at least 50 years.."
I was thinking exactly the same thing.

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