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A Birthday
Happy Birthday, dear _celebrian. I hope you have a great day with your family and friends.
To help you celebrate, I'm sending you a bunch of flowers from my own garden. :-)

 photo Celebrian 2017_zpsyitfnmq0.jpg

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wow, those are beautiful! happy birthday, Celebrian!

Thanks! And, a Happy Belated Birthday to you too. I think I saw b-day wishes for you in the past few days (though I apologize if I'm wrong - it's been a bit crazy).

oh, thank you! (yes, my birthday, shared with the lovely Addie, was on Friday)

cra cra.....yes, that seems to be the current cha-cha we are all dancing to!

Hey, it looks like our gardens look the same :-)))
I love columbines! Happy Monday, my dear.

Same to you, dear Julchen.
Columbines are my favorite garden plants. And each year they appear in different combinations of colors and shapes. So, it's always a surprise.

Thanks so much ambree! And, what lovely flowers. I'm sure you enjoy your garden very much.

I was traveling much of the day, but I saw some family and had no travel issues, so I'm considering that a success. :-)

I'm glad you liked the flowers. Yes, I do enjoy our garden a lot.

"no travel issues, so I'm considering that a success"
LOL! That sounds like you usually have even worse traffic jams and train delays than we have over here.

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