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Science March
Once a scientist, always a scientist. Even though I'm retired I was marching in spirit with all the scientists and other people who protested against "alternative facts". Here are some of the best images I saw posted on social media. The first one could have been me (a long time ago).

 photo C-C_v8rUIAA9ZzcCut_zpsmvkfuztn.jpg
From twitter: Science March Hawaii‏ @ScienceMarchHI
A group of scientists partipate in the #marchforscience at Wake Atoll under water!

Misha Collins with his kids!!

misha collins photo C-C7Dg-UMAErT2C_zpsoyygajj1.jpg
From twitter: Misha Collins‏ Verified account @mishacollins
I asked my kids, "what do u like about science?" 1 said "astronomy" the other said "sugar." #ScienceMarch

 photo C9_nm-oVYAA-zyk_zpsq8r9u92f.jpg
From: Aussie Resistance‏ @OzForBernie
Seen on the Brisbane City Cat heading for the March for Science in Brisbane. #alternativefacts #marchforscience #EarthDay17 #Resistance

That would be "Deep Impact"
disaster movie photo C-CpNF-UAAANh5q_zpsxbatjrux.jpg
From twitter: SFU Archaeology‏ @SFUArchaeology

That's my girl!
princess photo C-CKGLmU0AEnWso_zpsilirk4s7.jpg
From twitter: Rena‏ @tippy3880
This little girl is my heart #ScienceMarch #ScienceMarchHou

Deep but true
 photo C-CeGGOU0AALViX_zpsrrbdzqrk.jpg
From twitter: Kirsten Vangsness ‏Verified account @Vangsness
My 70something retired 6th grade teacher mom #marchforscience today, as you can see from her delighted face she loves this guys sign.

Peer Review: An inside joke. :-D
peer review photo peer review_zpsqani2toy.jpg
From ?? :
Louis Klarevas @Klarevas
My friends Ashley and Karen with the best poster at today's #MarchforScience

sine & cosine photo C-EU3d8W0AAYt0h_zpssn6744gl.jpg
From twitter: The Joss Group‏ @thejossgroup

INDEED, Unbelievable
marching for facts photo C-CifpMUMAAmAa0_zpsjzt83zwc.jpg
From twitter: Diane N. Sevenay‏ @Diane_7A
I think we have a winner. #MarchForScience

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Those are some great signs. My husband and son went to marches (in two different cities), but my daughters and I were at a tournament that had been scheduled many months before the march for science and were unable to attend. I wore my pi earrings (3.1415 hanging down) and the competition was related to science/tech, fine arts and service learning so it wasn't completely unrelated. Sorry we missed it though.

It sounds like the tournament was designed for this Science March. I hope you enjoyed it.
You have pi earrings? How wonderful!

The pi earrings were actually purchased (by my sister) for my daughter who memorized 100+ digits of pi when she was in, I believe, 5th grade. Since it has the first several digits they seemed appropriate. However, my daughter (well actually both my daughters) have refused to wear them, so I've worn them the past couple of Pi Days (March 14) and this was the next event where they seemed appropriate. Mind you, one person asked me what they were because it was obviously something, but unclear what and no one else commented, so I don't know that it was much of a statement. I have long hair that mostly covered them much of the time, which might have been part of the problem.

"memorized 100+ digits of pi when she was in, I believe, 5th grade"
Wow, what a memory! You must be so proud of her.
Earrings are tricky. They are either invisible or too prominent. Anyway, it's the gesture that counts, especially with pi earrings. :-)

these are great images. i can't believe we have to go through this kind of thing in this day and age.

True, it's very surreal. I wouldn't have believed all this was possible just a year ago.

These are fantastic! Still such a shame that a march is for this is even a thing. *sighs*

I can't pick a favorite, they're all so awesome!

I love it when people use their creativity for protesting.

Exhilarating but extremely sad that folks have to struggle to have basic scientific facts heard, believed and taken seriously. I'm sorry but damnTrump, just damn him!

"I'm sorry but damnTrump, just damn him!"

Wonderful Images, great post! Thanks for sharing, my dear.

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