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All of a sudden the VISUAL EDITOR option of LJ has stopped working for me. The HTML option works normally but the VISUAL EDITOR screen only shows the text version of the lay-out codes that belong in they grey bar on top of the page. Typing is impossible in VISUAL EDITOR.

This is a screenshot of how the VISUAL EDITOR screen looks.

 photo VISUAL EDITOR_zpsq7tlqxyt.jpg

And this is how the HTML screen looks.

 photo HTML_zpsddbu79kr.jpg

The "Preview Entry" option works normally.

It's probably something quite simple but I have NO idea what to do. Any help would be most welcome!

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If it's any help to know this, there are quite a few open support tickets regarding the visual editor not working. Hopefully you can endure the HTML text box until it's fixed! I always post using that box, and just am used to it.


Thank you! So it may be an LJ problem, not something I did wrong. Well, I'll just wait and see what happens.
I use the visual editor to resize pictures and for minor edits. As long as the HTML option works and I can get a preview, I'll be OK.
Thanks again! :-)

You've probably tried this, but have you experimented with using a different browser? There are a lot of things that IE won't do now that I can get accomplished via Firefox or Chrome.

Thanks for the suggestion, SB.
I'm using Google Chrome as my standard browser, together with Norton for safety. I would be very reluctant to change this combination as it has kept me out of serious internet trouble for years. I'd rather accept the fact that I can only use the HTML mode in LJ. Besides, I'm an absolute moron at "experimenting" with internet settings. :-)

I don't appear to have a Visual Editor option!!

So you can't see how the pictures fit into the text unless you use the Preview option? That must have made it so difficult to put together all those entries for your Journey with Frodo!

Makes me all the more grateful for what you did. Thanks again, Paulie!

i've never worked in visual editor. after trying it out, things are OK for me. i'm assuming you can't see the images you post, correct?

looking over the support requests, there's a lot of russian in there. i've never seen it that full of russian before. this may be a LJ issue and hopefully it'll be worked out soon.

No, I can't see the images nor change their size. I have to go to the Preview option to see them. If I don't like their size I have to go back to my photoshop program, adjust sizes, repost to photobucket and repost to LJ. All very annoying.

I hope it's just a hick-up of LJ. That icon is an accurate representation of my state of mind when I posted this shout for "Help". :-D

that icon comes in handy in these situations.

i'm a photoshop gal, so my editing happens there before posting.

have you used LJ scrapbook? you can upload your photos there and it can give you options for sizing.

I did use LJ scrapbook briefly when I started out on LJ. Can't remember exactly why I switched to photobucket, except that one of my LJ friends (yeuxdebleu?) recommended it. So far, it has suited me very well.
Your solution of size-editing in photoshop seems best. By now I am experienced enough to know which final size I want in my LJ posts.

I always use the HTML and since I've never used the visual editor, I don't think I can be of any help. From the other comments, it seems to be an LJ problem, not something you did.

"an LJ problem, not something you did."
I hope so.
My first thought is always that it must be my own fault. One wrong click can ruin a well running program....

I usually use the NTML option but the visual editor seems OK for me.

It's so strange that my Visual Editor suddenly stopped working. I may have done something wrong or it may be a hick-up of LJ. I'll just have to get used to working in HTML.

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