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I'll be off on an adventure later this week
First important decision: "Left or right, Gandalf".

We'll be using 4-wheeled transport with more than 1 horse-power.

And we want to go hiking through beautiful landscapes where the road goes ever on and on.

Let's hope the weather holds up and we don't get bogged down.

We don't want to imagine sleeping on a soft mattress but we don't need 5-star accommodation.

Just a decent bed in an inn where the feather-quality of the mattresses has been proven.

Of course the inn must provide breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses ....... and lots of pints.

Packing will be a bother but you need to be well equipped.

I'll be back by the end of the month. See you then (*waving*).

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how wonderful and mysterious you make it all sound....have a wonderful time, wherever you are bound!

Thanks jan_u_wine. Looking foreward to it.

This is wonderful thanks!:))

Have a great time!!


Hi Mumis. Thank you.
*hugs you back*

Such a delightful post. It sounds as if a wonderful adventure awaits you. Enjoy!

Thanks Addie. As you can see, I'll use any excuse to post some nice LOTR screen-caps. What a marvelous moving map of Middle Earth with Gandalf as the quiet center in the middle. Very ingenious.

Thank you! I'd love to take credit for it, but it's one of annwyn55's delightful creations.

I hope you have a grand time on your Adventure!

Thanks, I'm looking foreward to it.

An adventure.. how exciting. I love the way you've described it. Have fun :)

Thanks Belle. I didn't want to "vanish into thin air" as Bilbo did.;-)

You can go under one condition: bring pictures to show us! ;-)

Loved your post. Have a great time!

Thank you Patrick. I'll bring pictures, it's a promise!

very clever! where your road leads you, i hope it's a lot of fun!

Hi Lady, I'm looking forward to it. Love the butterflies in your profile pic. I don't expect to see any, it's too early in the year but never mind.

Have a super time and post photos on your return, please! :-)

Thanks! I'll try to make post-worthy photos. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you. I think we'll be going right (= south) ;-)

So, it's time for another adventure!! Have a wonderful time:)

Thank you. It'll be a short one this time and not so far away.

This made me laugh -- clever indeed, my friend. :) Have a wonderful trip! We'll miss you very much indeed!

Hi Robin, thanks. Good luck with all the preparations for the defence.

Wonderful post, very inventive...enjoy your time away, I look forward to hearing all about the trip when you get back!
Happy Holiday Hugs

Thanks Carol. I'm really looking forward to it.

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