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setup, punch

Short film by director Davis Schlussel starring Elijah Wood and Alia Shawkat.
jaramajo just posted this in elijah_finds but I like it so much I also wanted to post it in my own journal.

 photo setup punch_zpsejix6ywa.jpg

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Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, my friend!

Oh wow! How amazing was Elijah as a stand up comic. Thanks so much for posting this.

You're welcome.
He is truly amazing. Another unexpected talent.

That was fun and most unexpected!

I thought it was brilliant. Had to watch it several times to figure out what was going on. Still not sure I "got" it. :-)

It was a lovely surprise to finally see this. E does a brilliant job, he is so versatile😊

Elijah is so good in this. I've now watched it several times and I get more impressed with each viewing.

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