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Who taught Ben Gunn his tricks?

Frodo, of course!

Frodo taught Ben how to confront the enemy.

And how to submit to a higher power.

This post is dedicated to elijahs_mumble, with thanks for all he does for the Elijah fans. ;-)

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How clever of you to notice these!

Thanks, I enjoyed looking :-)

Glad you liked it. I just see Frodo everywhere! :)

Love these, thank you.

You know, it was actually your Valentine's post about "that kid from the future who went back in time... and saved Middle Earth" that gave me the idea. The very similar facial expressions of the BTTF boy and Frodo made me realize that I had also noticed very similar expressions in Frodo and Ben Gunn. It was a treat to try and screen-capture that. So, Thank You. :)

Happy to be of service! :)

You know, you never know what strange beings you meet in Mirkwood, LOL ! And this one certainly had been in touch with - - - Hobbits !


- Karin.

Hi Karin, I'm sitting here giggling about your Mirkwood comment. Ben Gunn is certainly wild enough to live there. AND, he doesn't want to leave in the end. Perhaps hoping to meet more hobbits!
Love, Ann
P.S. How is the new job working out? Still so very busy?

Yeah, still busy. But still preferable to the 'Little Napoleon' kind of boss I had from October 2011 on (and to whom I gave my notice as soon as possible, so I left there by mid-November 2011).


- Karin.

These are indeed clever, Ann! I'm enjoying them especially because it's an opportunity to see how much he's changed, but at the same time, how much he hasn't. A visual metaphor for the man as a whole. Thanks. :)

"A visual metaphor for the man as a whole"
You know, that's what I find so fascinating about him. He doesn't really change in essence, just a bit leaner around the jaws. Having now bought a whole bunch of his other movies I can see hours of screen-capping fun coming up; trying to capture his essence in all his different roles.
(P.S. Diss. going OK?)

Oh, that will be great fun! I look forward to seeing more caps! I love that the physical changes that have happened to his face and his body really do mirror the emotional and psychological shifts that have happened inside him as he's grown into his adulthood. Just as you say, he doesn't really change in essence -- you just sense certain refinements that have come about in his thinking, his behavior, and the way he speaks. That essential continuity is something I love about Elijah. It bespeaks such a high degree of personal stability. When I look back at who I was at 18 or 20 in relation to who I am now at 36, I feel like I've changed dramatically, but I wonder if my friends who've known me all my life would also say that I have. I wonder whether Elijah would say that he's also dramatically different, or changed but essentially the same... or some of both.

Diss is going acceptably well, thank you for asking! Intro & first two chapters are done and submitted. Chapter 3 and conclusion are due by next Saturday (25th), which is a lot to do. But I'm taking the day off today because 1) there's an annual city inspection of our apartment complex that's supposed to happen at some point (to make sure everything's up to code), and when they come, I'll have to stop everything, and more importantly, 2) I need to get my head together after the other stuff. It's not procrastinating, I swear; it's transitioning. Tomorrow I will be a beast when I go forth to begin ruthlessly mauling chapter 3.

This is great thanks!:D I love Elijah's expressions!:D


I'm glad you liked it mumis. :)

I love this. Brilliant ! :)

It must be a strange yet wonderful thing to have your life depicted by films. He's the same, yet different. I've seen Frodo's expressions in his younger films as well as his most recent. I love these comparisons.

Hi Belle, I hope you had a nice break from work.
Yes, it must be strange to have your life depicted by films. And sometimes annoying too. Did you see that little paparazzi video about the memory eraser and that someone suggested he might want to erase the memory of the film North. Not that it's a bad film; just because one influential reviewer took a violent dislike to it people keep refering to it even after 18 years! I find that very annoying! But he'll be used to it.

These comparisons a great!

You're very insightful. It seems that the more things change with Elijah the more things stay the same. ;)

Edited at 2012-02-25 07:29 pm (UTC)

You're right, he changes a lot but still remains the same guy. Here is a comment I once read on Twitter which I thought was very true: "@woodelijah you are a FANTASTIC actor. Everything you do has your stamp but you are always an entirely different character".

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