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Keep Calm and Tweet a Cat
In the aftermath of the Paris shootings, the Belgian police held raids in Brussels last night. All public places were shut down and people were asked to stay indoors and away from windows. Authorities also asked not to tweet about the raids, so people started to tweet cat pictures, instead. I have no idea how it started but soon the hashtag #BrusselsLockDown was a worldwide toptrend on twitter. In spite of the tragic background of the story I have to confess I haven't laughed so much in a long time. The Belgians are brilliant!!

Judi Sutherland ‏@judi_sutherland
Keep Calm and Tweet a Cat. #BrusselsLockdown
 photo JudySutherlans_zpsxsqiuurm.jpg

KaVa ‏@KaatVanseer
High five for twitter. #BrusselsLockdown
 photo KaatVanseer_zpsyydbpcht.jpg

Wendy Carrara ‏@wcarrara
#BrusselsLockdown supporting Belgian Police. We're stronger than we think! #Brave
 photo WCarrara_zpstntrknv9.jpg

Roselyne Marot ‏@roselyne777
#BrusselsLockdown Everyone is asked to stay hidden until it's over. True fact: No school tomorrow.
 photo roselybe_zpsglo1njdq.jpg

MC Casal ‏@mccasal
Looking for terrorists in the right place #BrusselsLockdown
 photo mccasal_zps5mrfrg3s.jpg

O. 月食 (オリガ) ☯ ☮ ‏@OlgitosK_
Suspicious eyes spotted. #BrusselsLockdown
 photo OlgitosK_zpsfp0exxlk.jpg

Harry Boone ‏@towersight
Major police operation underway in #BrusselsLockdown
 photo towersight_zpsfnbnjebf.jpg

peter vens ‏@snevretep
shush I'm spying #BrusselsLockdown
 photo snevretep_zps2xb3gxqh.jpg

Paul Williams ‏@pcwilliams
People tweeting cat pics to help police in swamping #BrusselsLockdown feed. Brilliant. Here's my contribution.
 photo pcwilliams_zps6mi6m8uw.jpg

starflyergold ‏@starflyergold
BRU Airport operations are normal #BrusselsLockdown
 photo starflyergold_zpss1c7hxco.jpg

Frédéric Lallemand ‏@threadelric
Impayables ces belges ;) #Bruxelles #BrusselsLockdown
 photo threadelric_zpsz5rbaqpa.jpg

Amelie Ketoff ‏@AmelieKetoff
On va enfin pourvoir lire tranquille #BrusselsLockdown
 photo amelieketoff_zpsylh1a0pt.jpg

Steve ‏@Towerbeach
 photo towerbeach_zpsd8gx2yoy.jpg

Sidar Ok ‏@sidarok Belgium
Residents are warned to stay away from windows #brusselslockdown
 photo sidarok_zpshxburxx9.jpg

Gregory Pichet ‏@BretonDeParis
Tintin arrive !! #BrusselsLockdown
 photo BretonDeParis_zpsntwjxgrc.jpg

And this is how the Belgian police responded this morning. Brilliant!

Federale Politie ‏@FedPol_pers
Voor de katten die ons gisteren geholpen hebben... Alsjeblieft! #BrusselsLockdown
(Translated from Dutch: For the cats who have helped us yesterday ... Please! #BrusselsLockdown)
 photo police_zpsobjsqxut.jpg

This being Belgium, the same tweet was posted in French, of course!
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What a fantastic idea! These are great.

And today the Belgian Federal Police posted a "Thank You Cats"-tweet. Just brilliant!!

(Deleted comment)
Isn't it? I just added the "ThankYouCats-tweet that the Belgian Federal Police posted this morning. What a country!

Fantastic, and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing these.

*hugs you*

Yes, very inspiring. Sometimes I get depressed about this world and then something like this happens. :-)

*hugs you back*

It's so good to see that people hang on to their sense of humor. :-)

Great idea, great pics! Thank you :-)

You're welcome, Jane. It's good to see such a response to a difficult and dangerous situation.

Brilliant.. love the brave kitten and the 'windows' cat.. lol! So cool that the police responded. A much needed pick me up amid a difficult situation.

There were so many great cat pictures with hilarious comments on twitter that it was hard to choose just a few for this post.
My favorite is that adorable black kitty in the plant pot. :-)

Wonderful photos!!!! What a great Twitter idea.

It's good to see people haven't lost their creativity and sense of fun.

I thought that was a wonderful response!

Absolutely! There were literally hundreds of new tweets every few minutes.

Wonderful pictures great idea and wonderful respond! :D


It was something special. There was an article about it later in our Dutch newspaper, and even in the New York Times! :-)
Good to see you, Mumis. **hugs you back**

A great idea and all the pics are absolutely hilarious!!

It's great when something like this happens on twitter.
The one with the Apple computer ("stay away from windows") could have come from my daughter and SIL, who are fervent Apple users and cat lovers. :-)

This is so wonderful! Great pictures and fantastic idea!
Thank you for leading me here, sweetie!

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