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cemetery in autumn
One of my favorite parts of the year is when the trees show their full autumn colors. It lasts only for a week or two and you may easily miss it. So, this year I went out on a photo expedition on the first day we had a bit of sunshine. I'm glad I did because after that we've had one dull day after another and, by now, many trees have shed all their leaves.
I went to an old cemetary where I love to walk. In a previous post I've shown how the place looks in summer.
It was a bit hazy, with some high cloud cover and that misty light added to the overall atmosphere. But it wasn't ideal for photography so my pictures don't really show what I saw (as usual!).

 photo autumn cemetery 1_zpshzeoch8e.jpg

The high, white cloud cover tended to cast a glare over the bright colors of the trees in the photos but you still get the idea.

 photo autumn cemetery 5_zpsyneb7xue.jpg

And the hazy light also muted the colors of the trees.

 photo autumn cemetery 2_zpsjy05we2m.jpg

But now and then a glimpse of sun gave extra brightness.

 photo autumn cemetery 3_zps4mgy0asa.jpg

 photo autumn cemetery 4 _zpsq7verr52.jpg

And even with the sun gone the colors were beautiful.

 photo autumn cemetery 6_zpsxomneqop.jpg

Flanking a large, square pond there are avenues of weeping beeches where you can walk under the trailing branches.

 photo autumn cemetery 7_zpsifyjwjl9.jpg

 photo autumn cemetery 8_zpsbcpesgdv.jpg

Tall linden trees are guarding a row of graves dating back to the beginnig of last century.

 photo autumn cemetery 9_zpsjnrt6jex.jpg

The cemetery dates back to 1885 and many trees must have been there from the beginning. The lay-out of the trees and shrubs, their shapes and colors show the hand of a very clever garden designer.

 photo autumn cemetery 10_zpsueztpmg9.jpg

The same spot as in the previous picture, just a few minutes later: different light, different colors.

 photo autumn cemetery 11_zpszinuqqki.jpg

This last photo was taken from the same spot as the very first picture. With the sun gone the atmosphere became quite melancholy.

 photo autumn cemetery 12_zpsymwytika.jpg

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Very pretty. We don't get nearly as many fall colors here as where I grew up so I miss it. Love the bright red leaves in the second picture. And, the path under the weeping beech branches.

I can imagine you missing the fall colors after you grew up with them.
In reality, the bright red leaves were even more striking because the light filtered through them. I still have to learn how to capture that with my camera.

Gorgeous colours. Such a beautiful place to visit. The contrasts are amazing. You wouldn't think that the change in and out of the sun would make such a difference. I love this time of year! Just last month i spent time with Anne my Australian friend who came over especially for the autumn colours. I really should post my trip soon..

That place is truly beautiful. I always see more when I'm taking pictures.
I remember you talking about the trip with your Australian friend (all over England and Scotland?). Would love to see your post about it!

(Deleted comment)
You have found the right words to describe the atmosphere of that place. It has a "misty, muted look" as only autumn can bring. :-)

In spite of the hazy and cloud cover you got some nice color here. I really wished the color lasted longer, too.

True, the colors were strong enough to come out in the pictures.
Today I walked there again and it looked so different. The Beech- Avenue was nearly all brown and that spectacular yellow/orange shrub was almost completely bare. I'm so glad I went last Sunday.

I love cemeteries, they are so beautiful and peaceful; your part of the world is just gorgeous!

I also love cemeteries. The one in my pictures is the most beautiful and peaceful in the area. It's a lovely place to go for a walk.

I would enjoy wandering there. What a lovely place.

It truly is a lovely place.

Thanks, Linda. It is a beautiful place.

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