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Finding The Shire
Last weekend, we discovered that the landscape of The Shire can be found in the south of The Netherlands. It has the gently rolling hills, the well ordered fields, the narrow lanes with hedgerows and the beautiful woods I have always imagined for The Shire. One gets the impression that the landscape has remained unchanged for generations and that the inhabitants, like the hobbits, spend most of their time growing food and eating it. I’m sure this romantic image is quite untrue but, walking through the fields and woods, it was easy to forget busy highways and rude people talking into their mobile all the time.

The Shire photo The Shire_zpsythdlhvr.jpg
The Shire:

ordered landscape photo ordered landscape_zps1teuq0tp.jpg
with its ordered landscape,

fields & woods photo well tilled fields amp mysterious woods_zps7ttcnhpg.jpg
well tilled fields and mysterious woods,

lanes & hedgerows photo narrow lanes. amp beautiful hedgerowsJPG_zpsd0wkezlq.jpg
narrow lanes and beautiful hedgerows,

Sandyman's Mill photo Sandymans mill_zpsqcxxhkpm.jpg
Sandyman's Mill,

winding road photo winding road to Green Hill Country_zpstbcbsflh.jpg
and the winding road towards Green Hill Country.

gardeners photo keen gardeners_zpsljkbcoxi.jpg
It is also a land of keen gardeners!

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Oh yes, it's beautiful!

I just had to think of Tolkien's images of The Shire all the time.

Very impressive scenery indeed! Far from the maddening crowd.

It was lovely. There were some tourists but they seemed to be there for the same reason as we were: For the beautiful walks and the peaceful atmosphere.

How lovely and so like the Shire. It's always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle. :)

Glad you also recognized the Shire in my pictures. Whole sections of Tolkien's description kept popping up in my head.

Lovely. We have some similar landscapes.

Ah, then you live in a beautiful part of the country. Where I live the landscape is nice but dead flat.

Yes, it was and I just heard Tolkien's words in my head all the time.

Thank you. As usual, it was a challenge to get on picture what we saw.

I would say you are up to the challenge. Your photos are always wonderful.

Beautiful and idyllic countryside! :-)

It was. I'm glad my pictures showed that. :-)

So beautiful. We are also lucky enough to have many Shire-like locations near to us which is amazing really considering our city is one of the most industrialised places in England!! And yes, it is such a relief to find an escape from those damned mobile phones!!

"Peace, quiet and good tilled earth"
That's what I thought walking through that beautiful landscape.
It must be lovely to live near such places. I think Tolkien was inspired by that landscape.
Where we were they tried to banish mobile phones by putting up signs saying "Area of silence", an excellent idea.

Oh, Ambree, it's magical, the Shire hidden away in our own world! Thanks so much for taking the trip, the photos and creating the post to share.

Thank you, Mechtild. I'm glad you also saw the Shire in my pictures. Tolkien's descriptions of landscape and atmosphere are so vivid that I recognized it immediately. On other trips I have also seen the Old Forest and the Barrow Downs.

You seem to live in a part of the world rich in Tolkien country! :)

Beautiful landscape! One of those reminded me of the "A Wizard is never late" scene.

Right. Gandalf in his one-horse cart loaded with fireworks and Frodo leaping into his arms. :-)

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