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Taking good pictures of plants is relatively easy but flying insects are much harder to capture. Today, I managed to photograph this dragonfly in our garden. It's a female of Libellula depressa; according to wikipedia it's called broad-bodied chaser or broad-bodied darter in English. An incredibly beautiful animal.

 photo dragonfly_zpsu0sxbw9w.jpg

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Great shot! What exquisite detail.

Thanks. She obliged by staying put for some minutes.

What an excellent shot!

Thank you, Addie. I was very pleased with the result.

with all the difficulty that shot must have inherently possessed, you still managed to compose it wonderfully! Beautiful.

Thank you, Jan. I was surprised at the amount of detail in the photo. You can even see the hairs on her torso.

she's a lovely dragon-lady, and that's a fact! Too bad she did not hold still for more!

what a great shot! the soft background, the clarity of the wings... wonderful!

i'd never got a photo like this because i'd never get close to a dragonfly. they give me the willies. :P

Thank you, Lady. Means a lot!
I must confess I jumped back a yard when it flew up. :-)

What a fantastic picture and a great dragonfly:)

Thank you. It was the first time such a big dragonfly was seen in our garden.

Nature in all its glory. Great shot!

Glory, indeed. Thank you.

Wow! Fantastic shot! :-)

Thanks. You need a bit of luck with photography and, this time, I got it. :-)

Wow! What a beautiful photo you took...perfect focus. I've never seen a dragonfly that color here in the US>

Thank you! My camera is autofocus, so it's always hit-and-miss.
According to wikipedia this species of dragonfly only occurs in Europe and Central Asia.

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