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A Birthday
A very happy birthday to jan_u_wine. I hope the next year will bring you many rays of sunshine.

hawthorn photo hawthorn_zpsdn2y4pk6.jpg

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thank you so much, Ambree! what are the lovely flowers???

(I'm spending the day on our own across-the-sea Tol, Catalina. The harbor there is called Avalon, which is close enough to Avallónë for me! Seriously, it's a lovely place, and I'm looking forward to the day)

thank you again!


That sounds like a very good way to spend your birthday: by the Sea.

Those are the flowers of the hawthorn ("Meidoorn" in Dutch = May-thorn). They were so lovely earlier this month. I'm glad you like them.

ah!!! Hawthorne=maythorn.....ha ha....i am certain my mom thought of me as a maythorn! I do love them and thank you!

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