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Garden Diary: April
The month of April is both the best and the worst month to go on holiday. The best because it is off-season and quiet, while nature is at its best. The worst because you miss what happens in your own garden. This year we completely missed the flowering of one of our most beautiful shrubs: the juneberry (Amelanchier). This is how it looked last year.

 photo 1. juneberry_zps1zcb0bo1.jpg

At the beginning of the month, before we left, many of the February/March species were still in full bloom. Here they are:
The Christmas rose (Helleborus), glory of the snows (Chionodoxa), primrose (Primula) and bird in a bush (Corydalis)
 photo 2. Helleborus Chionodoxa Primula Corydalis_zpsxgzjrhrc.jpg

The narcissi and tulips were at their best.
 photo 3. narcissi amp tulips_zps1zfg0qp2.jpg

The fruit shrubs had lots of flowers so we hope for a good harvest this summer.
 photo 4. red currant_zpsvu5jwiui.jpg

 photo 5. gooseberry_zpsnfb5bzvm.jpg

One of the most beautiful flowers in our garden is the fritillary (Fritillaria). The flowers opened just before we left so I could still get these pictures.
 photo 6. Fritillaria_zpszyemidca.jpg

Coming back from our holiday we were treated to this glorious sight: The Japanese cherry (Prunus serrulata) in full bloom.
 photo 7. Japanese Cherry_zpsfkkilfjm.jpg

All over the garden new species had started to flower:
 photo 8. forgetmenot amp white leek bluebells white blue amp pink_zpsxg8umj6g.jpg
Forget me not (Myosotis), ramsons (Allium ursinum) and white, blue and pink varieties of bluebells (Hyacynthoides).

 photo 9. bugleweed deadnettle_zpseu3ipvuc.jpg
Blue and violet bugle (Ajuga) and yellow archangel (Lamium galeobdolon).

 photo 10. Welsh poppy Geranium Honesty_zpsz0iduc9w.jpg
Welsh poppy (Meconopsis cambrica), geranium and honesty (Lunaria annua).

 photo 11. sweetscented bedstraw spring beauty alkanet_zps9mbhddxz.jpg
Sweetscented bedstraw (Gallium odoratum), springbeauty (Claytonia) and alkanet (Anchusa).

Most wild flowers are welcome in our garden. The lesser celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) and common daisy (Bellis perennis) can stay but the dandelion (Taraxacum) has to go. If you're not careful they'll take over the whole garden.
 photo 12. lesser celandine common daisy dandelion_zpsla9hzrzd.jpg

With this post, I've tried to be a bit more accurate with naming the plants. That proved to be quite difficult. I know most of the names in Dutch but not in English. So, I tried Wikipedia but often I had to go to a real flora to find the Latin name and then on to English. Perhaps, Latin isn't a dead language, after all!  But I can't vouch for all the names so don't hesitate to tell me where I got it wrong.

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Thanks, Linda. It's been fun making them.

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