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Garden Diary: March
March 11th, early in the morning: Melting hoarfrost on the crocuses.

 photo melting hoarfrost_zpsfhuikg0w.jpg

The month started with bright, sunny days and frosty night. Because of the low temperatures, the snowdrops and crocuses lasted longer than usual.

March 15 crocuses & snowdrops photo early March snowdrops amp crocuses_zpskal3av5j.jpg
crocuses photo crosuses_zps5p48raxs.jpg

By mid-March we had some lovely spring weather that brought out hyacinths and early narcissi.

 photo hyacinth amp narcissi_zpsrojeqf34.jpg

The last week of March brought the "equinoctial storms" but there were still new appearances in the garden.
Most of them arrived here all by themselves; we didn't plant them, so that's always exciting.

Chionodoxa photo glory of the snow Chionodoxa_zpsu7hmvbjw.jpg
Glory of the snow (Chionodoxa)

 photo Corydalis amp Anemone_zpszclztzvt.jpg
Corydalis and Anemone

 photo Primula_zpsnztnzt9e.jpg
This Primula was grown from seed. Last year nothing happened but now: Success!

 photo Soldiers amp sailors and Grape hyacinth_zpsz1seje7u.jpg
Soldiers & Sailors and Grape Hyacinth

 photo Forsythia amp Ribes sanguineum_zpsx10ei1lr.jpg
The first shubs have also started to flower: Forsythia and Ribes sanguineum.

So far, this Garden Dairy project has been very entertaining. I have been rushing out with my camera whenever the sun was out and I'm impressed with the variety of plants in our garden. Many more are expected in April but I may miss some of them because we're away from home from mid-April until the first week of May. Anyway, I'll photograph all I can.

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oh, so beautiful. I live in a condo, and have a tiny balcony. There are still some flowers grown, but there isn't anything like having them in their earth-embraced setting. Wonderful!

Thank you, Jan. Being surrounded by green, living things is very important to me.

Your flowers are so lovely. I'm looking forward to them making an appearance around here soon.

We had snow again last night. :(

Glad you liked the flowers. Snow again? Oh no; that should be over by now.

Wow! Lovely pics! You have a beautiful garden!

It's fairly warm here, but the flowers aren't blooming yet.

Thanks. You must be looking forward to the first flowers of spring.
Our garden is rather wild. We just let things grow where they want to be. The hard work is keeping the grass out of the flower beds.

What a bounty!

I miss seeing forsythia; they don't bloom where I live now.

"Bounty" is a good word for the diversity in our garden. :-)

Very pretty! I love spring flowers :-)

Thank you Jane. Taking pictures of all this beauty has been great fun.

Just stunning, really cheered me up as the weather is dire here.

You probably had the same horrible weather we are having right now. The storm is making the roof tiles rattle above my head. Quite scary.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, Mews. We had another severe storm today so your blustery Piglet icon appeals to me a lot. :-)

Love your flower pics. It is exciting when something pretty pops up that you didn't put there. Such a change from weeds!

Our forsythia is just coming into flower - I always tell myself to make the most of these things because they're gone too soon!

Thanks, Paulie. Such a lovely icon of Frodo in the spring garden.
Weeds are a given in our garden. We just try to prevent them from taking over all the space.
You are so right about things being gone too soon. I have found that my picture project helps me to "make the most" of it.

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