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Another marvelous Ben Gunn sequence; funny too
I found another scene in Treasure Island that shows what a wonderful face actor Elijah Wood is.
Ben Gunn faced a dilemma here. I don't want to give spoilers, so I'm not going to explain what it was.

The sequence of the frames is as for reading a book: from top left to bottom right. Elijah's facial expression is different in each frame. At first sight, the first and the last frame look rather similar but they are, in fact, very different. In the first one I see anticipation, in the last one sad resignation. And in the middle frames there is this glorious, and very funny, burst of elation. Marvelous.

This sequence was shot against a green forest background. In such light conditions Elijah's eyes appear to be greenish-grey rather than the brilliant blue they were in the shots I posted yesterday.

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You've really done a beautiful job with these.

Thanks. I'm glad you appreciate them.

Well done,thanks for this!:))


I could look at these expressions all day!!

It's not that long that i saw this, but believe it or not i've forgotten this scene. I think i need to watch it again.

I agree with you on the background lighting making a difference to his eyes, most likely that's because of his contacts!

btw, meant to ask. Screencapping is something i've never got around to mastering. Is it easy? Do i need special softwear? Can you point me in the right direction?

"I could look at these expressions all day!!"
That's one of the charms of making the screen captures!
Screencapping is very easy once you know how. You need a photoshop or graphics program for it. I only have experience with PainShopPro. I've used that program for a long time and know how to use it but it is quite complicated. There must be easier options but, I'm afraid I can't help you there.

BTW something I wanted to ask about the comments options in LJ. I sometimes see people quote some lines in their comment and these are in italics. But I don't see how you can do that.

I don't do complicated i'm afraid. It's one of the reasons i've never mastered photoshop. I'd love to be able to use it, if only to make better icons, but i doubt i ever will.

Italics are easy. You just put < i > ( without the spaces) in front of the word or phrase that you want to italicise and < /i > at the end. The same method is used if you want to bold something. It's < b > at the start and < /b > ( no spaces) at the end.. underline ( change the i to a u ) or stike-through ( change the i to an s )
If you're unsure if you've done it correctly, you can always preview your comment first.

OK! I could have figured that out for myself. I read about it and then forgot all about it. :( Thanks for the help.

You're welcome. Glad to be able to help.

Wow, you're right! It's amazing how different the first and last expressions are, even though if I hadn't seen the intervening pictures, I would guess they were contiguous frames.

I keep noticing in the screencaps for this scene (yours and mine as well) how extremely yellow the light is. Don't know if there's a filter at play or if it's, as you suggest, the green of the forest that's affecting the light. It puts me in mind of the lighting for the Houses of Healing in RotK; his eyes look grey-green there too.

Hi newleaf, I think I'll have to look again at the Houses of Healing. :)

Yes, his eyes look green because yellow (light or filter) + blue (eyes) = green

Yeah, that was my point. ;-)

- A game of 'Spot the difference !' . . .

I, for one, am not the person for frame-by-frame analyzing, but I like Elijah's facial expressions.

Also, he seemed to have enjoyed his stay there in Puerto Rico and the filming there tremendously. You could tell that, for instance, when Elijah had started posting pictures in his twitter (and in his facebook, but that's another story) of the scenery . . .


- Karin.

I didn't have a "spot the difference" game in mind when I made these screencaps. ;)
For me, frame by frame analysis helps to appreciate the actor's performance. My admiration for Elijah's performance as Frodo became much greater after I had discovered T.G.Shaw's screencaps and frame-by-frame analyses. You probably know her site. Such a pity it's no longer updated. (http://www.frodolivesin.us/)

I still remember when you spotted that his scenery pictures last year were taken on Puerto Rico! :)

These are great I must try doing some myself one day, but like Belle Screen caps is something i've never got around to
Thanks !!

I'm glad you liked them. :)

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing :-)

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