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Garden Diary: February
While cleaning out some bookshelves I came across a forgotten treasure:

"The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady".

In 1906, Edith Holden recorded in words and images the flora and fauna of the British countryside through the changing seasons. She made lovely paintings, recorded her observations on plants and wildlife and added some of her favorite poems. Her journal lay undiscovered for more than six decades until it was finally published in 1977. It is still available in facsimile form at Amazon (LINK)

 photo book Edith Holden_zpskij96y48.jpg

Browsing through the book I thought of a long term plan I had of documenting the changes in our own garden through the seasons. I can’t draw and I’m no good at detailed descriptions but I can take pictures. Seeing Edith’s front page for February, I rushed out into the garden to photograph our own Hazel catkins and snowdrops. We also have Robins around and our courting bird species include blackbirds, thrushes, wrens, tits, finches, jays, crows and pigeons. For the last few days I have woken up to birdsong.

 photo Hazelaar_zpsmbafnelk.jpg  photo snowdrops_zpsfqdaikoz.jpg

Next to the snowdrops, the early crocuses are making a good show right now. Later on I expect some other colors.

 photo early bulbs_zps5e1f3euu.jpg

 photo crocussen_zpsoezi0dod.jpg

The winter-flowering shrubs (Jasminum and Viburnum) are still in bloom and the berries on the ivy make a favorite meal for the blackbirds. I saw one over-eager bird tumbling down when trying to snatch some berries on the wing.

 photo Jasminum Viburnum Hedera_zpskcxv5sjs.jpg

I can already see that my picture-taking project is going to be useful. At the back of the garden I spotted a single hellebore flower. That species obviously needs more TLC.

 photo Heleborus_zps0ymwfkl0.jpg

That’s my harvest of flowering plants for the month of February. There will be a lot more in March, I hope.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm glad my garden flowers got you in the mood for spring. I saw that the northeastern part of the US is still in the grip of winter but spring should be on the way. After all, March 1st is the start of the "meteorological spring".

That book is a lovely find and your flower pics are gorgeous. Makes me kind of jealous though with a foot of snow still on the ground and the temps below freezing. :)

Thank you, Addie. I saw you're still in the middle of winter over there. We have now had two exceptionally mild winters in a row. That's not so good for the garden because all the fungus- and insect-pests survive such winters.

documenting the changes in our own garden through the seasons

What a marvelous idea!

Ooooh, her art is lovely.

I'm going to have a bit of fun with my garden-project. Edith Holden's book is really lovely. Highly recommended.

I also have that book on my bookshelf, I love it!!

Your pics are lovely. It's so good to know that spring is near, it really is my favourite season.

"it's really my favorite season"
Mine too!
That book is really interesting to me because the seasonal changes she describes are very similar to what we have here. And her drawings are so lovely!

Lovely pics and I think photographing your garden in different seasons is a great idea. :-)

Thanks Celebrian. I'll leave all the hard work of digging and pruning to my partner and confine myself to taking pictures of the results of his hard work. ;-)

it's SO incredibly wonderful to see flowers and colors this time of year. for me, there's nothing but white and grey. thanks for sharing. i look forward to some colors here soon.

Poor you, just white and grey, is it? That's the worst part of winter, when the melting snow makes the ground slushy and the whole world drab. Not long now; today the "meteorological spring" has started.

Wow! You are in february have already a flowers?)) In Russian still a little snow

Hi a_lexxy.
Sometimes we still have some snow in February but it is usually gone by the end of the month. We always have snowdrops and crocusses in February.
My idea of Russia is that it's very cold in winter and very hot in summer. :)

Well, in some place it is! At that summer we had +37 C, and last winter was -25 C. I'm living at south)))
But usually winter not wery cold.

But in Siberia, for example, it's cold! Less then -40 C, and shortly summer

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