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Ben Gunn in close up

Just when I had learned how to make screen captures, I was lucky enough to get DVDs of Elijah's newest TV film Treasure Island (thanks again P!). So, I had a chance to try out my newly learned skills.

Making screen captures of Treasure Island was not easy, as ladysnaps and elijahs_mumble can probably confirm. There are very rapid camera movements and extreme close ups, many of them out of focus. The guy behind the camera must have thought: "Why focus on the actor's face when you can focus on the fence instead?". And I have no objection to extreme close ups but when I detected the sticking plaster of the false beard it became kind of ridiculous!

But all these quibbles aside, Ben Gunn is marvellous. His eyes are very big, very blue, and VERY expressive. That is all I want to say. See for yourself.

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Thanks. Is was a pleasure.

Yay you made the Treasure Island post! :-)

when I detected the sticking plaster of the false beard it became kind of ridiculous!

Lol. I'd noticed that too.

Your screencaps are great, you've captured his expressions wonderfully. I still wonder how they made his eyes so blue. Frame by frame editing?...

I believe God (and a certain kind of contacts and lighting) made those eyes so blue!

My vote is on God and the lighting!
Thanks for stopping by. :-)

You know, my admiration for Elijah's face acting has just reached a new high. It's really incredible what he can do with his eyes!

BTW, I doubt if they did any frame by frame editing to get the eyes this blue. In the shot where he stands on lookout (the one I sent to Mumis as a birthday greeting yesterday) his eyes are green. There he stands in the green jungle. It's probably just a reflection of the general light condition during the shoot. The sky is very blue where these scenes were filmed and he is looking upward in the shots where his eyes are so blue. I also doubt they would have had enough money for such detailed editing.

On another note, I hope you're not working yourself to death! :)

I hadn't noticed his eyes were green on that scene. Interesting.

I hope you're not working yourself to death

I'm trying not to! But I feel SO tired...

Thanks, great job.
Has been said many times that Elijah's eyes can narrate one story.

Thanks, it was great fun to make this post. Especially selecting the best screen captures. BTW, your profile picture is one of my favorite pics of E. So mysterious.

Lovely... Thank you! :-)

Elijah's eyes are that *blue*, absolutely breathtaking!

Edited at 2012-02-05 05:27 pm (UTC)

I'm glad you liked it. And I thought it was so interesting that the colour of Elijah's eyes is so much greener in your profile pic.

Beautiful caps indeed! The sticking-plaster one really made me laugh; I hadn't noticed that at all until you pointed it out, but now it's impossible to miss.

I agree that God and the light had the most to do with the intense blueness. When I look at this picture of him with a fan in Puerto Rico, his eyes have the same quality of being intensely, almost unexpectedly blue:

I think the make-up also has a lot to do with it. The heavy black kohl defines how big his eyes are and makes the whites stand out more than they usually do. The white circles around the black work like bull's-eye targets -- when you look at Ben, his eyes are really all you see. With bull's-eyes, it's the spot in the center that you notice the most, but with this bull's-eye effect, you notice the anomalous color instead: white, black, white, OMG BLUE!!!!!, black.

Thanks for this! :)

That's a very interesting comparison. In your picture he has no make up and it's night. Yet, the eye colour is also intensely blue. For many people (including me) the colour of their eyes varies a lot, depending on their mood and general state of wellbeing. E. clearly felt super here.
Glad you liked it.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Thank you.

You're welcome. What a suitable profile picture!

nice job on the screen caps! i must be blind because when making them, i never noticed the stick on beard. probably focused on those beautiful big blue eyes.

i liked the way they chose to shoot this scene. most things out of focus but sharp and clear on the eyes. they are a killer!

Thanks, I love making screen caps. It's interesting that the eyes are so blue in this scene. In other scenes they are more greenish.

Oh how i love those eyes!! So expressive. Each frame tells it's own tale! Wonderful!

"Each frame tells it's own tale". So true!

These are great!! I'm wondering if his eyes look bluer in this simply because he's in such bright light all the time.

Hi, not_alone, nice to see you here! I think you're right about the light. He is looking upwards in the last series of shots where his eyes are so intensely blue. It may be a reflection of the blue sky. In the very last frame he turns his eyes down and there is more grey in them.

Hi Love
I can't say I noticed the sticking plaster, maybe I was to busy looking at those wonderful blue eyes
Thanks for this, great screen caps !

Hi Carol, thanks. Yes, why look at sticking plaster when you can look at THE eyes. :)

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