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foreign language
A few days ago, someone I follow on twitter posted a link to a video I thought was (probably) very interesting (link). But watching it I realized, once again, that it is virtually impossible to pick up all the nuances in a spoken text when the language is not your own.
As far as I could figure out, she is trying to say something about the inescapable burden every generation of women (grandmother-mother-daughter) puts on the next one (I surely can relate to that!). And that women ought to break through that heritage in order to realize their own full potential (I'm not sure you can). But I may be widely off the mark.
Anyway, the video is well worth watching.
Here it is:

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Well, as 'someone';) said, "before we can all start leaning in, we need to stop growing in". And no, I'm not really sure what he means LOL!!

According to the site the message she is trying to get across is " how expectations for men and women differ" but your observations make perfect sense to me and I'll be interested to see what others think:)

Giggling about your "someone". I'm not sure he knows what he means, either (giggling again).

IMO, the remark on the site that she is trying to get across "how expectations for men and women differ" is just feminist jargon and doesn't do justice to what she is trying to say At All. I think she tries to say something really fundamental about the female psyche.

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