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That laugh
It´s about time I try out posting a video in my journal.

Elijah laughs via satellite.

And this is how Elijah replied to Jason.

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Those were fun, thanks, Ambree!

Thank you they are nice!:D


What a great icon you have here, Mumis. That is such a sweet scene of Ryan and Jenna.

Gah, his is the most infectious laugh in the world. It is unquestionably my favorite sound!

His full out laugh at the end of the first video is "The Laugh" at its best but I was even more enchanted by his small, rather shy chuckle when Jason started to say nice things about him.

Oh, I know, right? You can tell how squirmy he gets in the face of praise. And I was thinking, at 1:06, "I can tell that's Elijah even when I can't see him and when there's no context." No sound quite like his laughter.

elijah's range of laughter is so multifarious but there is no mistaking it's him.

at the GSH premiere, our group was sitting in our seats just moments from the start of the film. none of the actors were anywhere to be seen then from the corridor we could hear elijah laughing. it was great!

Elijah loves to laugh and that's great!
Oh, you went to the GSH premiere when the actors were present. I'm jealous.

Love hearing it...tee hee!

Hearing his laugh always makes me smile.

Well done!

Thanks very much, I enjoyed watching the videos :-)

Thanks, Jane. One lives and learns. :-)

You did it.. yes! I'm so glad it worked for you :) I hadn't seen the second video, so thank you!

I've been 'hooked' on Elijah's laugh ever since.. "You're late".. 'a wizard is never late, he arrives precisely when he means to'... (laughs) "it's so good to see you Gandalf".. :)

There's something so genuine and real about it. You can tell that it comes from within!

"it comes from within!"
I totally agree!

Thanks for your help, Belle. It was very simple, after all.

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