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zooming in
First, as promised, a little update on the broken foot. I have now progressed from a knee-high cast to a "Geisha Shoe". This new cast stops at the ancle but I still can't walk much nor drive a car. So, it's going to be a further 2 weeks of mainly amusing myself behind the laptop.

Surfing around the internet has been great fun. Have a guess at what this is: A piece of abstract art?
Google Reitdiep photo GooglezoomReitdiep_zps727340ac.jpg

No, it's a section of Google maps from the countryside near where I live. It shows ploughed fields along a river bend.
This is what you see at ground level.
Google unzoom photo Googleunzoom_zps85d9c64e.jpg

The google map image gave me the idea of checking out what would show up in my own pictures when zooming in a bit.
Here are a few examples:

Drops of moisture below the cap of a fly agaric in our front garden
fly amanita photo vliegenzwam_zps23d9ac6a.jpg

Moss carpet
moss photo mostapijt_zpsb2023161.jpg

Heart of a Poppy
poppy photo poppies_zps3902b916.jpg

spirea photo spirea_zps1eb7fe4a.jpg

Next on my list of things to do on the internet is trying to figure out how to post video clips to my livejournal. I've wanted to do that for a long time but I'm always a bit daunted when it comes to trying something new. It usually goes wrong at first.

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fly agaric

Mushrooms are some of the most beautiful plants I've seen; and most are poisonous aren't they? Anyway thanks for the pretty images so early in the day.

Glad you liked the pics, Romeny.
There are mushrooms in so many different shapes and colours. That's what makes them so interesting. Yes, many are poisonous, like the fly agaric.

I'm glad you're progressing with your foot. Has the pain gotten better?

You have the most interesting pictures. :)

Glad you liked the pictures, Addie. I like to make them and share them.
It's actually a big disappointment for me to be still in that cast. They said 4-6 weeks but now it’ll be 2 months before it’s gone. Must be old age! But it's nothing serious, so I shouldn't complain.

I'm glad to hear that your ankle is healing well.

What a fascinating picture! I would have never guessed it was an aerial view of countryside.

That Google map picture came up when we were checking if it would be possible to take a long-distance hike through that area without being blocked by ditches. Not now, of course, but as soon as I'm mobile again. :-)

dont' take this the wrong way......but i think you should mess up your foot a bit more often! GREAT pics!

Hahaha. No thanks, 8 weeks with a cast is quite enough! I'm glad you liked the pictures, Jan. I loved taking them.

BTW, about the forest themed Tolkien pictures and poems in Mechtild's journal: I was thinking of Tolkien's fabulous drawing of Old Man Willow. Could that possibly be a source of inspiration for you?

lol! well, we have a group of pics that were given me to write to...OMW being one of them. I have not got 'round to it (after a year) but who knows? I would like to, definitely. I think we have one more to post in this group. (and i had three more to write to)

It's always possible to do a knock-off sort of thing, but that doesn't make me very happy. But I thank you for asking. I'll surely put my OMW thinking cap on......

"I'll surely put my OMW thinking cap on......"
GOOD! But be careful, he's a tricky tree!

ha ha! yes, don't want to be sucked in by that ol' willow....

I'm so far behind i didn't have a clue about the broken ankle. Oh dear. How did that happen? I hope it's not too painful! On the other hand, enforced rest isn't such a bad thing if it produces gorgeous pictures like these :))

As for video's.. Do you mean YouTube vids? They're easy. Others are a bit more complicated. For YT videos you just go to the 'share' button below the video and copy the embed code. Post the code to your journal, and there it is.. The same code works for twitter and facebook, although there's a specific link for those if you prefer. If it's not a YT video then you have to join a sharing site like Photobucket or TinyPics. The video you want to share will usually have to be on your hard drive. You then upload it to the site. Once uploaded you'll have an embed code you can post on your journal. Hope this helps..

ps. If you use the 'preview' button when you include the code, then you can see if it's worked before you post.

Edited at 2013-07-20 10:05 pm (UTC)

Glad you liked the pictures, Belle.

It's a metatarsal in my foot that was broken. I stumbled on the stairs and landed heavily on my right foot. The foot flipped over and I heard a crack. So, I knew at once that something was seriously wrong. Well, that's 7 weeks ago and they had told me it would take 4-6 weeks to heal. Must be old age. :-/

Thanks A LOT for the explanation about posting video clips. I had gotten as far as posting the embed code but thought I'd got it wrong when I couldn't see the video in the 'preview' mode. I'll try again later today.

Hope you are OK yourself!!

Sounds painful! 7 weeks ago? I must be further behind than i thought.. or maybe i'm having a 'senior moment' and knew about it but have forgotten.. lol! Hope the cast comes off soon.

Hm.. that's strange. You should be able to see the video in the preview mode. It always works for me. Hope you get it sorted. Good luck.

Bleh, I'm sorry you're still stuck in a foot cast. You're not still on crutches, though, are you? I'd imagine it would at least be better to hobble than to have to use crutches, no? How's your foot feeling?

The pictures are great! I love the poppy ones, and the mushrooms.

No, the crutches have gone. The foot isn't really painful any more and I hobble around a lot. I just hate being dependent on someone else for transport, shopping, etc.

Glad you liked the pictures, Robin.

wonderful! the poppy image is fantastic! i love photos like these and it gives the photographer more interesting ways to showcase a particular photo. cropping gives a new look on things. one of my own personal favorites is tiny beads of water on a leaf. i cropped the hell out of it to show the water in an unreal nature. i hope you will continue to experiment with cropping.

wow! 2 more weeks? i can only imagine how tired you are of this about now. hang in there girl!

if you're trying out something in posting, you can always set the security level to private and check things out before you go live. i do that all the time with a&f's updates just to make sure the links are correct. ssshh... it's our little secret. ;)

What a great picture! In the cropped image you can see that the water drops act like a magnifying glass. You can actually see the veins in the leaf! That's fantastic.

I'm glad you liked the Heart of the Poppy. Sure, I'll continue to fiddle with my pictures. That's even more fun than taking them.

Thanks for the good wishes and advice, Lady. I do manage to "hang in there. :-)

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