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Happy Birthday
A very happy birthday, dear addie71. I hope you have a wonderful day with the people you love.
Here are a few Australian wild flowers to help in the celebration.

addie 2013 photo Addie2013flowers_zps5f10ec9a.jpg

Pffft! I'm only just in time.

I have NO idea why LJ didn't remind me of your birthday by email but I'm really glad I found out before it was too late to wish one of my most valued LJ friend a very happy birthday. 

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Those are quite unusual! I've never seen flowers like that before.

The Australian flora is so different from that of the northern hemisphere. Really fascinating to see it.

Happy birthday from me too!

These are pretty and unusual flowers :-)

happy birthday, Addie! One day we must celebrate together!

One day we must celebrate together! Great idea! I think we must. :D

How lovely! What gorgeous and interesting flowers. I had a lovely day today, thank you. *hugs*

For once it wasn't LJ's fault that you weren't reminded. My birthday isn't listed on my profile page so it didn't know to send out notices.

I'm glad you liked the flowers, Addie and that you had a nice birthday.
Perhaps I owe LJ an apology. ;-)

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