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in every wood in every spring ....
Quoting Bilbo:

For still there are so many things
          that I have never seen:
in every wood in every spring
          there is a different green.

 photo wood_zps8ff96bd2.jpg

Spring is my favorite season. At that time of year, I often think of something Treebeard says to express his delight: “I used to spend a week just breathing”. For me that would be: “I want to spend a week just looking”. And you have to use the time well because, before you know, it’s all over. By now, the trees have already turned to their darker shade of summer and I have to wait till next year to see it all again.

This year I was very lucky because I had that special season twice: first in April, on Corsica and then again in May, at home. Of course, I took a lot of pictures and although most of the magic was lost, some pictures give just a glimpse of how beautiful it all was. Here are a few of my favorites.

Landscapes, flowers and animals
landscapes photo Ithilien_zps898e7c3e.jpg
Sam's little fire, smoking?

flowering grass and tree photo bloei_zps86c83cc4.jpg
Flowering trees and grass

flowers 1 photo comp3_zps23b64163.jpg

flowers2 photo comp4_zpsc508ef42.jpg

bumblebee orchid photo bumblebee_zpsf5e92c4d.jpg
An orchid imitating a Bumblebee, complete with hairy body. ;-)

donkey and goat photo ezelampgeit_zps4b976f54.jpg
Cute and sinister animals.

krentenboom photo krentenboom_zpsda204315.jpg
When we came home, I was greeted by this view from my 1st floor window. It was like living in the crown of a flowering tree.

beech and moss photo woodHaren_zps6776acf0.jpg
Beech and moss

leaves and cones photo leafandcone_zpsa324abdf.jpg
Leaves and cones

fietsje photo fietsje_zpseb437d0f.jpg
In spring, the Dutch also go back to their favorite form of transport: the bike. This type of child carrier has become quite popular over the last few years. Some will transport up to 6 children and can be fitted with a plastic hood when it rains. Very much needed in our climate.

Ending with some personal news. Those of you who have read my previous posts may remember that my father was scheduled for a check-up in early May. We were all very relieved to hear that everything is fine. So now he is planning to go on holiday. :-D

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(of the many wonderful poems of LOTR, that is my favorite. It encapsulates the journey so simply and beautifully)

Your skills as a photographer increase!!!! I love these! They are all wonderful, but I think my faves are the donkey and the light coming through those wonderful leaves.

thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you, Jan. I'm glad you liked the pictures.

It is, indeed, a wonderful poem, with its shifting perspective of looking backward, looking forward and feeling all the anxiety of waiting "for returning feet and voices at the door".

Wonderful pics! Spring has FINALLY arrived here too (winter hung on far too long). Complete with lots of rain for the next several days. . .

So glad to hear that your father got a good report at his checkup and sill be able to take his holiday trip. :-)

I'm glad you liked the pictures, Celebrian.
Here the spring weather is very changeable, too. We had a nice period in early May but now we are back to rain and wind.
My father is a marvel!

Terrific news about your father!

Those are really lovely pictures. And the view outside your window... gorgeous.

Thanks, Shirebound. I'm glad you liked the pictures.
Yes, I'm very relieved that my father got such positive results from his tests.

Glad to hear things are well with your dad.

Yrs ago I'd have killed to have that bike to put the kiddies in.

Hahaha. Yes, aren't those carrier bikes great. I don't understand why it took so long for someone to come up with this bright idea.

i know when pictures of spring are well done is when just looking by them makes me sneezy and itchy. i'm not kiddin'! but they are lovely photos. :-) what is that other animal, or remains of, hanging on the fence?

happy to hear you dad is doing fine. where is he planning on going to?

So, you suffer from hay fever? That's too bad. Not a good time of year for you.
That skin $ skull hanging on the barbed wire must have been a goat, once. Morbid people, those Corsicans.
My dad goes to Germany for a few days. By car and on his own. He's a marvel.

These are such beautiful pics, Ambree!! How lovely to have that gorgeous tree just outside your window - does it have a perfume? And that first pic is so perfect to go with Bilbo's quote. I've always loved that poem though it is a bit sad.

Spring is also my favourite season - at least, spring as it ought to be. The trouble is in recent years it has really fallen short of its promise. We seem to get so many days such as today, really chilly and rather grey. But when we do get the occasional, very rare, perfect spring day, I don't think there's anything to beat it.

I've never seen anything like that child-carrier before - how very useful!!

I'm so pleased to hear the good news about your dad. I hope he has a great holiday:)

I'm glad you liked the pictures, Paulie. The tree in front of my window has no smell (I think you would call it a juneberry) but it has many other attractions. First the white blossom, then the pinkish/mauve young leaves (a bit like those above Frodo's head in your avatar), red berries in summer and spectacular red autumn leaves.

We seem to be suffering from the same weather system as you do, with one low following the other.

BTW, I hope you have recovered from that fall and that you're feeling a bit better.

Tolkien's poem is perfect for your gorgeous pictures.

I'm glad your father is fine and I hope he enjoys his holiday. *hugs*

Thanks, Addie. *Hugs* you back. :-)

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

And great news about your father!! :)

Thanks, Patrick. Are you planning to post NZ pictures on LJ? Saw some on twitter but would love to see more.

Oh no! I just discovered you were not in one of my filters. I just added you!
I filter some of my entries so that they are only viewable to some users. I hadn't added you to one of the filters.
You should be able to see all of my posts now!! Go back and read older posts if you want to, also.

Thanks, Patrick. That's great.

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! My favorites are the amazing bumblebee orchid, the donkey (the live one!), the allee of beeches, and the first one from Corsica, of the house in the clearing on the hilltop. Hmmm... now you've got me thinking about ways I can experience autumn (my favorite season) twice by doing a little traveling.... :)

Such wonderful news about your dad! I'm so glad for him, and for you.

I'm glad you liked them, Robin.
Yes, that orchid is amazing. As a biologist, I'm always intrigued by this type of mimicri. And that donkey has a very seductive glint in his/her? eye, I agree.
About catching your favorite season twice: One year (when I have the money), I'm going to do it even better. Corsica in April, at home in May and the Norwegian fjords in June. A girl can dream.
I'm really happy about my dad. But he does get really old and is often tired. I so hope his first trip, next week, goes well. It would be such a boost for his self confidence.

Your photos are stunning, as usual. What kind of tree is that with the gorgeous white flowers under the heading AT HOME IN MAY?

That child transport device is certainly not like anything I've ever seen. It looks like it could tip over quite easily though. Does it have seat belts to keep the children from falling out?

Congratulations on the good news about your father.

Glad you liked the pictures, yeux.
The tree in front of my balcony is an Amelanchier species, probably A. lamarckii. It's a species imported from N. America (where it now seems to have disappeared). Here it's a very popular garden plant and common in woodlands as a "garden escape". It appeared in our front garden all by itself.
Now that you mention it, the child carrier does look a bit unstable. They usually have higher sides that this one but I've never seen any seatbelts.
Thanks, my father is a marvel.

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