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the more it goes .... on snowing
The first day of spring, today, but I don't see it. We had snow again this morning. I've just read some posts of US friends complaining about all the snow they're having. So, for your consolation, here are some pictures I took last week in Normandy. We went there for a "spring" vacation. And we were "snowed in". This is how it started.

snow1 photo snow1_zpse0322561.jpg

The roads out of the valley were blocked for 3 days. We didn't bring much food but were rescued by our kind landlady who provided us with food (& Wine!). We were lucky that we still had electricity because large parts of Normandy were without. The blizzard created huge snowdrifts and hundreds of cars and some intercity trains were stranded.

Once we could get outside again, the landscape was spectacular. Here are a few pictures.

snow2 photo snow2_zps55cae0ac.jpg

snow 3 photo snow3_zps1ccdd350.jpg

snow4 photo snow4_zps540cda35.jpg

So, our trip was very different from what we expected but we did enjoy it a lot.
I had to think of Pooh's song again:
The more it snows ... tiddelypom ... the more it goes ... tiddelypom ... on snowing.

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well, you got the best snow shots on a spring vacation i've ever seen! the last two are super sweet!

as long as you enjoyed yourself, that's all that matters.

Thanks, Lady. Making a good picture is very difficult. I'm working on it. ;-)

Wow! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip anyway.

It was great fun. Even a bit of an adventure.

snow + sunshine = the best photo opportunities !

Having said that, I am so tired of all the snow in late March !

Let Spring Begin !


- Karin.

"Let Spring Begin !"
Amen to that.
Still snowy in Berlin as well?

Cold and windy and heaps of snow lying everywhere (this night, the lowest temperature will be 11 degrees Celsius below Zero) . . .

Brrrrr !


- Karin.

Wow, that is spectacular snow! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Glad you were still able to enjoy your *spring* vacation. It's certainly been very different from last year at this time!

You're welcome; I love to share pictures, Jane.
Let's hope we'll get real spring weather soon.

Hoping with you... I love spring, but not when it's freezing cold, windy and snowy! :-/

wow.....sorry it was snowy....but....it is beautiful!

"....but....it is beautiful"
It certainly was very beautiful. I have never before experienced the combination of sea and snow. So, I was glad it happened.

there should be a poem written about that: the combination of sea and snow......

Hope you'll give it a try!
Tolkien gave us Mount Ever-white (Taniquetil) as inspiration.

 photo taniquetil_zps8391d231.jpg

perhaps i will .........and isn't that a lovely picture?

'the more it snows...the more it goes'.... this is a Pooh reference right? Tiddly pom!!

Right! Tiddly pom! ;-)
I have a thing for quotes. link

*flailing* That sounds like my DREAM vacation! Your photos are stunning. I love the first one, with the dry snowflakes on the lens. And of course the last two, which are truly amazing. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Thanks, Robin.
"the dry snowflakes on the lens"
That was snow sticking to the windows. We were literally "snowed in".

Your snow picture are so lovely but not very spring like, we have been lucky with just one real bad snow storm this year, so now it's back to the rain

Thanks, Carol. We don't want any more snow, nor rain. Just lots of sun.

Gorgeous pics! Some of those snow drifts are spectacular. I am glad that the storm didn't ruin your 'Spring' vacation for you though.

It's very unseasonably cold here and has been all month. *shivers*

**Shivers** with you. Just heard on the news that wind-chill will make it feel like minus 15-20C tomorrow. I think I'll go into hibernation again.

And today it's reached us!! Snow, sleet and freezing cold!!
Not really what you want on your vacation (unless you go skiing of course!!)but it does make for great pics and yours are wonderful:)

Thanks, Paulie.
Oh no, so now the snow has reached you.
We're not much better off. No snow but subjective temperatures of minus 15-20C due to icy winds from the north-east. Sigh!

Lovely pics! :-)

Glad you enjoyed your vacation even though it wasn't quite what you expected. Last year, hubby and I were going on a cruise to Bermuda and because of a delayed flight we missed the ship and ended up in the New Jersey/New York area for a couple of days. We had a lovely day going into Manhattan and seeing some friends and relatives, as well as visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So, it was a lot of fun even though it wasn't exactly what we planned on. And, we still made it for half the cruise.

I hope the snow ends for all of us soon. I'm VERY ready for spring.

I agree; those unexpected turns in a holiday are often the best. So you got the best of both worlds: culture in New York and a leisurely cruise in the Caribbean. :)
The only moment I got a bit worried during our vacation was when the food was running a bit low. There was no way we could get to the supermarket, 10km away. But our landlady owned a farm with lots of food in the freezer so all was well.
I am also VERY ready for spring!

Today (Saturday) is the 4th day of spring and it still looks like this where I live in New Hampshire. Cold and VERY windy today, too. Ughh!

Poor you! We have no snow here but the same icy wind that you have. Yesterday was the coldest March 23rd since meteo records began. According to our weather man the polar front has become "stuck" (whatever that may mean). I hope it gets "unstuck" very soon.
Love your icon of that struggling snowdrop. :-)

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