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welcome back Frodo
Although it was nice to see Elijah/Ryan lying flat on his back (previous post), I prefer to see Frodo's smiling face when I log on to LJ.
So, welcome back Frodo!

frodo's smile

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I loved what EW had to say about his choice for this moment, a heart-breaking one for everyone watching Frodo's departure. "I'm ok, and you will be, too".

A lady I knew on the LOTR message boards thought so much of this moment that she made it her board name: Frodosmile. (i likely don't have it quite right, not sure exactly how she spelled it)

It really does say everything

I totally agree with you: "It really does show everything".

Perhaps you know this series of screen-captures from the scene "Into the West" on the "frodolivesin.us" site? As T.G. Shaw says, the gradual change of expression on Frodo's face is so fascinating. LINK

I DO know those caps. (and have written to them myself....but then.....who would not?!) What a lovely job, and what lovely comments written to go with. And what a stroke of genius to include that bit from "Leaf by Niggle". It's perfect!

Frodo has been my desktop since forever. Neither could I imagine starting the day without him. :)

It's so nice that you always use the same icon of Frodo (isn't it called "Dark Beauty"?). That icon shows the essence of Frodo as I see him.

Well, actually I do use other icons, but this is my 'default' and favorite one. I really don't know what it is called. This was the first icon I got, many years ago, when I was first on LJ and didn't know what I was doing.

shows the essence of Frodo as I see him I completely agree.

Gorgeous... :-)

Thank you!

You're welcome, Jane. He is beautiful.

Right. His smile warms your heart. :-)

I would do anything to bring that smile to his face. Anything.

So would I (well, let's be careful here; perhaps not everything). :-)

Those picture melt my heart
Thanks for the memory:)

You're welcome, Carol! :-)

>>I prefer to see Frodo's smiling face when I log on to LJ<<

I can definitely understand that!! There is so much beauty in that smile - I could never tire of seeing it. I'd seen the film a few times before I realised that the colour gradually returns to his face in this scene.

I don't think I can ever part with the Frodo background that annwyn55 made for me. After all, Frodo was my introduction to Elijah, it all started with him:)

"before I realised that the colour gradually returns to his face in this scene."
I only realised that when I was making screen captures. You have to be very careful with colour adjustments afterwards because you easily loose such subtle changes. Making screencaps has helped me so much in fully appreciating what Elijah does as Frodo.

Your Frodo background is stunning. I love it!

Frodo was my introduction to Elijah as well and I'm SO glad that happened (although a little late).

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