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peculiar pics
As part of my New Year Resolutions I started to work on a better filing system for my pictures. While sorting through the files I realized that I love taking pictures of peculiar/weird/funny subjects.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Nelson Mandela


I love this mural. It is painted on a wall in the centre of town in a busy shopping street. The site is still undeveloped because of a conflict between the town council and the owner. What is special about this mural is that it has been there for many months. Usually the graffiti artists are quick to claim such empty walls but they have left this one alone. A tribute to a great man!

Shocked church

shocked church

This is a side entrance of a (restored) 16th century church in the city close to the small town where I live. I didn’t see the shocked (3-eyed) face in this until I started working on the picture. But once I saw it I recognized it also in other churches in the neighborhood. It’s part of the typical architecture of the era in which they were built.

A room with a view


Last month we went for a short holiday to the south of Spain. While walking in the countryside the normal loud barking of dogs suddenly started to sound differently. Iaaa, Iaaa. It was a donkey; they are still used for local transport in the area. I was reminded of E.M. Forster’s novel “A Room with a View”.

Century old vandalism

tree trunk

This is the trunk of a venerable old oak tree in a wood near our home. People have left their marks on it for decades and I really don’t know if I’m annoyed by the vandalism or charmed by the recorded history on this tree. Wouldn´t you love to find out what happened to “F W 1924”?

Speller check


A familiar sight on the main market square of our city is this stall. It´s always doing good business and I love that it´s obviously catering for German as well as English speaking tourists.That picture was taken in October.

I was taken aback that they had run a speller check on it when I saw it again last week. Such a sorry loss of “couleur locale”.



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your picture taking improves apace! I love all of these, but am especially taken with Room with a View!

Glad you liked them, jan_u_wine. Thanks for commenting.

I love your peculiar pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Patrick. Good to see you here. Preparations for NZ under way?

Oh yes. It is so hard to choose which LOTR filming locations we'll visit (it is impossible to visit them all!) We'll buy the plane tickets soon.

I love these; they are all so interesting. It is a shame they changed the sign at the fish place.

Hi Addie. Glad you liked them. I was so disappointed they had changed that "fisch" sign. It was a landmark in my visits to town and they sold excellent fish-and-chips.

these are very clever photos. i love that no one has touched the mandela painting. that's really cool! i'm drawn to the shocked church and the tree. those carvings are wonderful. that's real history there! too bad the sign was changed. the other was more unique.

good luck with your new year resolution. i have my photos organized but with my personal work and elijah, i have way too many. i've been clearing out my external hard drive. i had 48GB left of a 600GB unit! i'm now back to 220GB with a lot more clearing to do.

These pictures are not the best I've taken with regard to quality, I just liked their subject matter. Capturing what I want in a photograph is still hit and miss for me. I'm now working on perspective (too often lost) and color (usually different from what I saw).
My problem with filing is not storage space (at least not yet) but finding some sort of logic in creating main folders, subfolders, etc...

that's what i've got a lot of. folders. :P

a great subject can outweigh a so-so photo quality wise. to me it shows the photographer has an eye for the strange and remarkable when some will pass it up.

I adore that shocked church! I wonder what it saw....

Hi Shirebound. Yes, the shocked church is really funny once you see it as a face.

Your photos are wonderful.

Don't really consider tree carving as vandalism. I think it's a human thing to want a piece of immortality by etching initials in a tree and son't think folks see it as vandalism. We had an century old pine tree at the corner of our property when I was but a youngster that bore many carvings & we always played in the woods across the street. So yes (she says defensively) I'm speaking as a former tree-carver. lol

"a former tree-carver" LOL. I agree that it’s kind of endearing to find these marks people left so long ago.
You were so lucky to have lived in a neighborhood where you have a century old pine tree and woods across the street. I'm a city girl myself.
Glad you liked the photos.

I love them the church with the Shocked look is great and the old oak tree is such a find

Hi, Spring. The shocked church is one of my favorites too.
BTW, I've been looking at your new blog and I see that it's going well. So nice to have another place to keep me up to date with news and pictures.

I am so glad that you still take a look in, when Piczo went down I did think it was time to let it all go, but I find I am addicted

Thanks, I enjoyed looking at these pics :-)

I think they should have stuck with "Fisch and chips"!

Glad you liked them, Jane.
I agree, "fisch" sounds much tastier!

These are such great pictures. I think my favorite is "A Room With A View," just because it's so unexpected to see a donkey in the window! But the 3-eyed shocked church is also awesome, and the tree as well. We have a park here in Richmond called Maymont, and there's a tree there with century-old graffiti too. Like you, I love to look at it and wonder what became of those people's lives.

The mural of Mr. Mandela is beautiful, very Banksy-esque. I'm so glad the graffiti artists haven't marked it! What a great man he is. He deserves this and all the many other acts of honor done in his name across the globe.

Thanks for your comment, Robin. I know you saw most of these pics on twitter already but I decided to post them here because it's so much nicer to put them together and have a bit more text.
Getting into photography made me realize once again that I have a taste for the absurd (that must be why I'm such a fan of Wilfred).

I love that shocked church. It reminds me so much of a children's tv programme - Thomas the Tank Engine. It's so very like the expression that's typical of the little engines.. lol! I love your pictures :)

Thanks, Belle. Yes, that shocked church is funny. Now that you mention it, I remember seeing those Tank Engines on tv. :-)

Great photos. I love the three-eyed church which truly looks surprised. LOL

As for the tree with all the carvings, I say, "Oh, poor tree!" I hate to see people doing that to trees.

Glad you liked them, yeux.
Is that a flowering Hamamelis encased in ice in your profile pic? They are flowering here right now. Always a welcome sign that the end of winter is near.

I honestly don't know what the plant/tree is in the icon. It was made by ladysnaps from a photo she took. I have a hamamelis virginiana (Flowering Witch-Hazel)in my side yard. It's a beautiful shrub.

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