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A very happy Christmas to all of you.


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that is, indeed, a peaceful picture to go with a peaceful mood. How serene it is. Happy Holidays and a beautiful New Year to you and yours, Ambree!

Thank you, Jan. I hope you also have a peaceful and joyful day.
What an intriguing icon. Such a beautiful face.

I thought it looked a great deal like Frodo.

A couple of years ago, I was reading a book called "Slaves in the Family". A true account of a contemporary (white) American man's search for his black relations. It is a fascinating and heartbreaking work. I don't remember now if this portrait was inside the book or not. It is called "Girl in Blue" and it is by Edwin Harleston, one of the foremost black painters of his era and also very important in the civil rights movement. I believe the portrait is held privately, since i can find no mention of it in collections. And I would guess that it may even be one of Edwin's relatives. But she has that look of determination that film Frodo has, that look of being touched by wisdom and sorrow too early.

You may be interested in Edwin's story. You can read an excerpt from it here:


And you may also be interested in the story of his wife, who was a photographer (I imagine she was quite a rarity for her age: black, a woman and a photographer!):

How i should have liked to have known her.

Thank you so much for the links. Going to check them out after Christmas.

Happy Christmas to you!

Thank you, Shirebound. Hope Pip is enjoying the Christmas treats. :)

Thank you and to you too!:)


Have a fantastic day and the year to come Happy Christmas dear Ann

Thank you Carol.
Love, Ann

Happy Christmas to you. I hope you've been enjoying the day. :D

Thanks. It was lovely with my family.

Thank you and I hope you had a lovely day yesterday!

Thanks, Jane, I had. Both my father and my daughter and her partner came to diner. So it was a great family occasion. I hope you also enjoyed your Christmas days.

Glad you had an enjoyable Christmas, we did too, despite my cough and cold!

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