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Ryan Newman appreciation post

With Season 2 of Wilfred behind us and Season 3 only on the distant horizon, I still wanted to see a lot more of Ryan Newman before there were any new episodes and making screencaps seemed a perfect way to do that. You have to watch the episode again, select the scenes you want to capture, make the screencaps, choose your favorites and make a composite that tells a little story. All great fun.

For me, the main attraction of the series is that all (totally absurd) situations are played completely “for real”, so it’s easy to relate to the character of Ryan. Poor Ryan has had a lot to live through in Season 2 and it all came to a head in the last episode, which ended, once again, with a giant cliffhanger.

Here are some of the priceless expressions on Ryan/Elijah’s face during that last episode.


not telling
Ryan: “What’s wrong, Wilfred. What are you not telling me?”

saw Wilfred?
Ryan: “You saw Wilfred?”

ruin my life
Ryan: “Someone is trying to ruin my life.”

who? me?
Ryan: “Who? …. Me?

Ryan: “I thought I was getting better.”

(Yes Ryan, as long as you keep that paw on top!)

Ryan: “Tahiti?”

Ryan: “It’s all going to be wonderful.”


Wilfred: “You’re not crazy.”

Ryan: “Said the dog to the man.”

Wilfred: “You’re not crazier than anybody else.”….. “Some people can’t handle Vegas. You can.”

in good hands
Wilfred: “You’re in good hands, mate.”

(That slow little smile!!!!)


Ryan: “If I really drew that picture when I was a kid and you don’t know what it means; well, I’m on a plane with no pilot and that scares the shit out of me.”


no pilot
Ryan: “………………………….”

Well, I guess the next season will show us how well Ryan can handle “Vegas”.

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I love his furrowed brow, and that stunned "WTactualF" expression in the first cap of "Someone is trying to ruin my life." Also his lower lip in the last ones. Beautiful Elijah.

And he looks so good in a tux, especially with the furrowed brow.
Hadn't especially noticed the lower lip but now that you mention it...... ;-)

Reason #5,340 why I love this guy - - doesn't matter if it's a blockbuster trilogy, a music video, a Funny or Die short, or a cable tv series, this man acts his pert little butt off and raises the bar for everyone else. What a joy he is to watch.

He IS a joy to watch but it's SO difficult to catch him in the "act" of greatness. There was one sequence where he expresses strong emotion just through the tiny muscles next to his mouth. Impossible to capture but I'm sure it adds to the emotional effect on the viewer.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. Yes, he is excellent. He really makes the show what it is.

These are beautiful stills. I love his expressions and I love him all dressed up! Thanks.

You're welcome, Addie. I agree with you, he is so gorgeous in that tux!

(Deleted comment)
Hi mumis, I'm glad you liked the pictures.
LOL! Your Elijah is SMOKING. I'm not sure if you should encourage him to smoke. We all hope he quits smoking soon.

sorry I don't will encourage him to smoke.I will deleted it !thanks for the pics he IS a good actor!:-)


This is wonderful Ambree!! I'm sure it was enjoyable for you to do and it's so enjoyable to study!! What is it about that furrowed brow - I always feel like kissing admiring it:D

What a brilliant cliffhanger that was !

Thanks for doing this:)

Thank you, Paulie. I'm glad you liked it. As you say, it was a total joy to make this post.
I agree, the furrowed brow looks extremely kissable. I'm still undecided on whether I prefer the horizontal or the vertical furrows. In your avatar he has both!!!

Oh wow! Well done! *applauds*

Thanks, Yeux. Glad you liked it. Guess you're a Wilfred fan too. :-)

Oh yes...definitely a Wilfred fan.

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