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The Sea and Photography
My love of the sea dates from when I was a very small child and went shrimp-fishing in beach pools with my dad during the summer holidays. Although a lot of chance-processes were involved, I think I became a marine biologist partly because of that early experience. And even now, my partner and I go to the sea as often as possible. Last month we went to Normandy for a week and I indulged in my old passion (beach combing) and my new passion (photography).

My new passion proves to be addictive and frustrating at the same time. It’s so often that I “see” a great picture but can’t “catch” it. But, I’m learning, slowly. And I find that I enjoy the selection of pictures even more than I enjoy taking them.

I selected the following pictures for several different reasons:
1. Because I think they are beautiful (flowing water);
2. Because, in combination with other pictures, they tell a little story that interests me (the limpets);
3. Because they make me laugh.

So, here is a selection of the pictures I took during that great holiday:

The Sea
the sea

Rocky Shore
rocky shore


Flowing water
flowing water


Browns, Greens and Reds
growns greens reds

Clinging on: Life and Death of a Limpet

Boating: Check the Tides!

The Professionals

Road Signs
street signs


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I just love seascapes. Your pics are great, and I especially love the 'patterns'.

Thanks for commenting, SB. I'm glad you liked the pictures. I also love 'patterns' but my favorite is the 'Clinging on' story. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
I'm glad you liked them, Mews. I agree, the seaweeds are beautiful. Thanks for commenting.

I think your pictures are amazing. I loved the 'patterns' one.

Thanks, Addie. 'Patterns' seems to be a favorite. ;-)

I often find the same to be true in writing: the 'picture' that i draw with words never matches the one in my head. But the thing is: other people have not seen the picture in your head. And so they are quite content with the beauty that you *do* show them.

These are lovely pictures, even if they are not up to the standards that live in the eye of your mind. And as you go on, your story-telling will become better and better. But I would be willing to bet you that you will never put on film precisely what you see inside your head.

It can be a cause for consternation. Or exultation. There is always something more to learn about the process. Just like all of life. It's a lovely thing, as are your pictures!

"But the thing is: other people have not seen the picture in your head. And so they are quite content with the beauty that you *do* show them."
That's very true and a very reassuring thought! Thank you. Isn't it strange that some people are more tuned to the written/spoken word and others to images? For me, the image comes first and then I construct a story around it, usually with very few words.
Your poems are also, what I would call "minimalistic". You say so much with a minimum of words, and that makes them all the more powerful.

I often grumble about how attuned people are to anything BUT words. I think that words require more work from them. (ie: photos or paintings, films even are immediate in a way that words are not).

Mechtild, bless her, is the person who showed me that my words have value, even if I felt that I was a long way from saying what I wanted to. And something that is linked (at least in MY head) to that idea is that the fussing with words (or whatever your art form is) is what makes them impossible. It seems to me that when i stop trying to find the perfect word....it appears. And it is simple and as beautiful and natural as a autumn-sleeping cloud.

Re my poems being minimalistic: lol! I quite agree, but you have not as yet heard from the contingent who feel they are tediously.....tedious. It does, really, take a deal of work to tell complex stories in these little snapshots, even if (to others) they seem hideously long. To each their own, though. I've always written for the sheer joy of it and always shall. And may your adventure, with camera, words or whatever you choose to express yourself, prove as wondrous. I know it will

Wow, these are great pictures! I'm another big fan of the "patterns" ones. i find my attention is very often drawn to texture and pattern rather than image. I also particularly love the ones of the boats in the harbor, and the lagoon on the rocks.

I am all sympathy when you say your new passion is both addictive and frustrating. For me, I have the very devil of a time capturing both the light and the color that my eye sees. I can usually get one or the other, but not both. It really is a completely addictive hobby, isn't it? You should come join ladysnaps and me at the LJ Photophile community. I've found that even when I don't have a lot of time to comment on others' photos or add my own, just seeing what other amateur photographers are doing inspires lots of new ideas.

Glad you liked them, Robin. Coming from you, that's praise, indeed.
"I have the very devil of a time capturing both the light and the color that my eye sees". My experience, exactly. I also still have difficulties with basic technique, like focus and angle.
Perhaps, I should join LJ Photophile. I'll take a look at the recent entries.

Amazing pictures thanks for sharing!:))


You're welcome, mumis. Thanks!

Great pictures love the rock formations and Normandy is a fantastic place, we Brits all dash to the south for the sun but Normandy is so much nicer, we stopped for two days in San Marlo just three weeks ago:)
Thanks for sharing

Thanks, Carol. So, you also like Normandy. I must confess, I'm not a big fan of the sunny south. ;-)

Great photos!

Thanks for sharing :-)

I'm glad you liked them, Jane and thanks for stopping by! :-)

Your pictures are lovely! Every one of them brings something different to enjoy. I love that. You selected well.

My favourites are 'reflections' .. i love the way the colours seem to 'bounce'.. and 'the sea'. I've always loved staring out over the water and dreaming that i could sail away to a different life :/

Thank you, Belle. I'm pleased you liked my selection.
Just like you, I could sit for hours on the shore(and I sometimes do), just dreaming and staring out over the water. I'm reminded of Legolas' song after he saw the swans in Gondor and his longing for the sea was born.

>>It’s so often that I “see” a great picture but can’t “catch” it.<<

That just about sums up my entire experience of photography!!

Your pics are great and each one is beautiful in its own way so it's hard to pick a favourite:)

Thanks, Paulie. Our experience with photography is apparently quite similar but we probably do succeed in showing a glimpse of what we "saw" ourselves when taking the picture. I still remember the beautiful pictures you took of that garden with the clipped bushes, which means that you did manage to capture the magic of the place.

Your photos are gorgeous. You're a very talented photographer. I noticed there isn't a comment by ladysnaps. You should ask her to come and look at your photos. I think she'll be impressed.

Thanks, Yeux. Nice to hear that you liked my pictures.
"You should ask her to come and look at your photos".
She may prefer being creative herself to spending time commenting on other people's pictures. I think she’s right. She's the most creative (and active) person around! ;-)

how ever did i miss this i don't know. sorry for the late reply dear.

I “see” a great picture but can’t “catch” it. But, I’m learning, slowly.

just when you think you've learned the technique, you realize you really haven't. i still try to get the shot. but with time you will find the effort becoming less and less. it is a slow process but keep at it!

such detailed and striking photos you have taken! it must be great being close to a sea that has such great vegetation and creatures. the boat shots are beautiful! i love the contrasting colors in them. the orange gloves are too funny!

water is such an amazing element. i love it too. it's so calming and peaceful. and i'm astonished how powerful and destructive it can be as well.

Nice to find your comment, thanks lady.
I still have two recurring problems. The first is a whitish haze on all my pictures. This is easily corrected on the computer with PaintShopPro but it shouldn't be there in the first place. The second is that >50% of my shots are out of focus. The "autofocus" claim of the camera still confuses me. LOL.

i don't know if you told me but what camera do you have? that will help me try to figure out what is happening.

ah yes, you did tell me.

it could be a number of things that's causing the issues. anything as simple as a setting being inadvertently changed to actual water (condensation) in the camera. how about starting with something easy to see if it will work. go into your menu and reset the camera. that will put it back to pentax's settings. take your card out before just to be safe.

do some shooting after and see if you get the same things happening. if so, we can go from there.

Lovely photos. I live 60 miles from the geographical center of North America. I have never been to the sea. I have been OVER (flying) the sea but never to, in, near, by the sea. Thanks for sharing a piece of the world I have yet to experience.

"a piece of the world I have yet to experience"
I hope you get a chance to go to the sea some time. If you do, try to go to a place without loads of tourists and with some cliffs and/or rocky shores. However, that's my own bias. Most people prefer sandy beaches, which can also be quite beautiful.
Thanks for commenting. :-)

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