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happy birthday Romeny
A very happy birthday to romeny. It's been so nice to get to know you here, on LJ, and to chat with you about so many different things. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that these Australian wildflowers will add to the party spirit!
Australian wild flowers

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Gorgeous flowers. She probably won't see this until morning.

Thanks Yeux. She's probably still recovering from the party. :-)

A wonderful birthday post Ann the flowers are so lovely I would also like to say Happy Birthday Romeny best wishes for a fantastic year to come

I'm just now finding I didn't comment on some of my b-day posts so I'm apologizing profusely. I was away that day and tried to go through things so quickly I missed a few. I love the beautiful images you post. Thanks so much hon.

Hi Romeny,
Don't worry! Glad you liked the flowers. Hope you're OK!

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