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The Art of Hugging
In preparation for the Season 2 premiere of Wilfred on BBC3, next Thursday, I was watching Wilfred Season 1 again. And it struck me that the show takes full advantage of Elijah's hugging skills. I've often read that Elijah is an excellent hugger. And there are many pictures to prove it, both when he is in character and when he is just himself. Clearly, there are many different types of hug and Elijah has mastered them all.

The Loving Hug

The Desperate Hug

The Sad Hug

The Friendly Hug

The Athletic Hug

The Welcoming Hug

And the Unwelcome Hug

(pictures thanks to A&F, LJ-elijah_finds, LJ-wilfredFX (ladysnaps, Karin, Patrick, not_alone & others?)

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AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, I love this so much!!! All of these make me very happy. He is indeed a master hugger, but it had not before occurred to me to differentiate hug types and make a study of them. Just lovely. No self-consciously manly pats on the back for this guy. This is Olympic-level hugging.

Y'know, it must be a sign of what a good actor Elijah is that, as funny as the unwelcome hugs nearly always are, they really do make me squirm on his behalf.

Glad you liked them. As you say, he is a master hugger. Throws his whole body into it.
It was great fun making the selection. One pic was added specifically for the absence of the man-bag.

That particular one has long been a favorite for that very reason. I have to give Jason credit for keeping his hands above the waist. Even for a straight guy the temptation must have been enormous.

Oh, what a wonderful idea! There can never be too many Elijah hugs. Even the Unwelcome ones. :D Thanks!

Glad you liked it, Addie. Selecting the pictures was a treat.

Brilliant! Thanks for these :-)

If hugging was an Olympic sport Elijah would win Gold!

"If hugging was an Olympic sport Elijah would win Gold!"
Absolutely! ;D

Thank you for this great so many Elijah hugs!:))


You're welcome, Mumis. Glad you liked it.
*hugs you back*

These are great! I love men who are not afraid to hug, especially other men. Yep, he would get a medal, and so would Sean. *hugs them myself*

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Thank you, Antane. I also love men who are not afraid to hug. I live in a county where people are rather reserved, so it is nice to see such a fearless hugger.

Have you seen that huge hug of Elijah and Sean that's on Blossom's site - it's pretty far into Too Lost in You video which is a collection of behind the scenes shots. If you ever wondered what Frodo and Sam's reunion in the West looked like, that's what it did! Fearless indeed and how refreshing! Go to http://www.indreams.org.uk/ - her site is masked so I can't give you a direct link but it's easy to find within it. And there are lots more there too that are great if you haven't been there before. I can't remember if I have suggested it to you before or not. Enjoy!

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

"I can't remember if I have suggested it to you before or not."
It's new to me. What a beautiful site. Thank you so much!

What a wonderful idea for an entry and your photo choices are perfect. Well done!

Aha, Robert Pattinson approves. That's great! ;D

What a wonderful post! I've always loved the fact that Elijah is such a great hugger and that he's such an affectionate guy but I must admit I'd never realised there were so many different types of hug! The hugs with Billy on the LOTR set were certainly athletic - and rather inventive:)

Great icon with that Dom-Elijah hug, Paulie!

"The hugs with Billy on the LOTR set were certainly athletic - and rather inventive"
Yes, and Billy's faces were priceless!

My favorite hug is the top-left "Welcoming hug". His arm just encircles the whole body of that little girl. He is so good with small children.

WEEEE! i get to break out my elijah hug icon. ;-)

all wonderful hug examples. i think my favorite hug is from wilfred. not the one with sneakers, though that does rip my heart strings, it's the other from wilfred with the man in the alley. you are going to LOL big time when you see it!

i've never had the pleasure of one of his hugs but i hope to one day. *dreams* the closest i got was an arm around the back. still very nice. :)

Great elijah hug icon!
The LOL hug with the man in the alley should be on BBC3 next week. \0/
An arm around your back. That's quite something!
Glad you liked my choice of hugs. ;)

Great post I love the picture choice and he really gives a great hug!

Glad you liked it! Selecting the hugs was great fun.

As one who's been lucky enough to experience one of his wonderful hugs, i can vouch for their awesomeness ;)
It's amazing how much feeling that he can put into them, and his expressions are priceless.. the look of pure bliss in the 'loving' hugs, especially the second.. the contentment of the 'welcoming' hugs and the sheer terror of the 'unwelcome' hugs. Great selection.

Thanks, Belle.

"As one who's been lucky enough to experience one of his wonderful hugs, i can vouch for their awesomeness ;)"
Lucky you! Was that when you were an extra on the Oxford Murders set?

It wasn't on set, although we were lucky enough then to get a conversation with him then.. it was the following year at a pub after a private screening of the film. We'd had photos with him (see icon) and later as we were leaving, he hugged each of us spontaneously. It was better than good :D

If you're ever interested in our adventures re Elijah you can find the links on my profile page. But i warn you.. it's a no-holds barred emotional journey.. lol!

Just spent a few hours reading your profile page. It was a TREAT. You're lucky to have met him. For me, it's still strange that I got so fascinated by a man I'll never know personally. He has that incredible charisma, even at a distance.

Aw. Glad you enjoyed :) Believe me i know how lucky i am. I never in a million years expected to meet him even once when i first watched LOTRs back in 2005. I thought he was this inaccessible angel from a far off land.. lol! I had no idea that he would ever come to the uk and that i would get the chance to see him. It was a dream come true. Every encounter is special in it's own way and engraved on my heart for all time!

This is the cutest post ever. :) Athletic Hug #1 is hilarious!

Thanks. Yes, that hug with Orlando was so funny.

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