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new friends
Using lindahoyland's post Prefect Matches - A sort of friending MEME, I found some new friends: christina_maria, curiouswombat, elwenlj, lab_jazz, manue7a, mrowe verdande_mi and wiseheart. To welcome you all to my flist I'm reposting this video.

Dutch artist Theo Jansen created this fantastic creature. It moves along the beach all by itself, driven by the wind.
Watch the video below. It's magical.

 photo strandbeest_zpsdijmnles.jpg

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Science March
Once a scientist, always a scientist. Even though I'm retired I was marching in spirit with all the scientists and other people who protested against "alternative facts". Here are some of the best images I saw posted on social media. The first one could have been me (a long time ago).

 photo C-C_v8rUIAA9ZzcCut_zpsmvkfuztn.jpg
From twitter: Science March Hawaii‏ @ScienceMarchHI
A group of scientists partipate in the #marchforscience at Wake Atoll under water!

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15th anniversary LOTR feature in Empire Magazine
The Lord Of The Rings At 15: The Fellowship Interview Each Other LINK

 photo C3BcHE8XUAQULux_zpszyautt8a.jpg

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Today, there were Women's Marches all over the world. I couldn't make it to the one nearest to us, in Amsterdam. But I wanted to participate, at least in spirit. So, here are pictures of the event from all over the world in countries outside the USA. It's so encouraging to see the huge crowds that marched for a world of hope, decency and solidarity.

Amsterdam1 photo Amsterdam1 C2sL42_XUAAFvTn_zpsljidz4wq.jpg

Amsterdam in front of the Central Station
Amsterdam2 photo Amsterdam2 C2scUn4WgAEr7SV_zpsxuthcdkr.jpg

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Eijah Wood Biography
"Hobbits delighted in such things, if they were accurate: they liked to have books filled with things that they already knew, set out fair and square with no contradictions."

That's what Tolkien wrote about the hobbits' love of genealogy and history, especially their own. This may seem a roundabout way to introduce a new Biography of Elijah Wood on the Always & Forever fan-site but in my mind hobbits and Elijah are inextricably linked together.

I came to LJ through my love of Tolkien's Middle Earth, with a special soft spot for Frodo Baggins and that extended to the actor who brought Frodo to life on the big screen. So I was thrilled when ladysnaps gave me the opportunity to help her with Elijah's Biography. She managed to make it into a fascinating read. As far as I know this is the most extensive biography of Elijah on the internet. A&F is also the longest running fan-site for Elijah online. So, for those of you who share my soft spot for Elijah Wood, here it is! (LINK).

Lady, Thanks a lot for a very fun ride!

 photo comp EJW_zpsdomjmf5i.jpg
(photo's from the A&F site, with thanks!)

All of a sudden the VISUAL EDITOR option of LJ has stopped working for me. The HTML option works normally but the VISUAL EDITOR screen only shows the text version of the lay-out codes that belong in they grey bar on top of the page. Typing is impossible in VISUAL EDITOR.

This is a screenshot of how the VISUAL EDITOR screen looks.

 photo VISUAL EDITOR_zpsq7tlqxyt.jpg

And this is how the HTML screen looks.

 photo HTML_zpsddbu79kr.jpg

The "Preview Entry" option works normally.

It's probably something quite simple but I have NO idea what to do. Any help would be most welcome!

Bilbo's last song
I just came across this on twitter and thought I'd share it.

It is the copy of Bilbo’s Last Song given to Miss M. Joy Hill in 1970. Tolkien gave her copyright ownership.

 photo Bilbos last song_zps4nxxmz6e.jpg

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setup, punch: WHAT?
Having to rewatch films because you miss so much of the spoken word has it's advantages, as I found out with Elijah's short film "Setup, Punch" (link).  My interpretation of what's actually happening in the film took a complete u-turn.

Elijah plays Stand-Up Comedian Reuben Stein, who proposes to his girlfriend on stage, is rejected, but manages to finish his performance on a high note. We then see him riding his bike through the streets of LA, evidently very distressed by what has happened.

At least, that was my initial reading of the plot.

The first scene of the film shows a very nervous Reuben in the gents, reading his key-words from a scrap of paper: "music, film, Dot, mirror, moment, Capricorn".

 photo Setup Punch 0_zpsrtjueqik.jpg


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setup, punch

Short film by director Davis Schlussel starring Elijah Wood and Alia Shawkat.
jaramajo just posted this in elijah_finds but I like it so much I also wanted to post it in my own journal.


 photo setup punch_zpsejix6ywa.jpg

Honoring the great man who created my beloved Middle Earth.
Happy Birthday, Professor!

 photo Tolkien_zpsid5jhbtr.jpg