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Today, there were Women's Marches all over the world. I couldn't make it to the one nearest to us, in Amsterdam. But I wanted to participate, at least in spirit. So, here are pictures of the event from all over the world in countries outside the USA. It's so encouraging to see the huge crowds that marched for a world of hope, decency and solidarity.

Amsterdam1 photo Amsterdam1 C2sL42_XUAAFvTn_zpsljidz4wq.jpg

Amsterdam in front of the Central Station
Amsterdam2 photo Amsterdam2 C2scUn4WgAEr7SV_zpsxuthcdkr.jpg

On a Research Vessel in Antarctica
 photo Antarctic Research Vessel C2sc0SKXEAId7YY_zpsjp9nd2cl.jpg

Melbourne photo Melbourne 4546_zps3girpuwf.jpg

Sydney photo Sydney f83e4d620708493eb3e285bd09c804a7_18_zpsth0wlh1j.jpg

Paris1 photo Paris1 C2stw5PW8AA2XqY_zpsazzcjhla.jpg

Paris2 photo Paris2 C2st_AHXgAAwxwc_zpsesakk1jm.jpg

Madrid photo Madrid C2sg0L8XUAAgONR_zpscws6s9a5.jpg

Granada photo Granada C2st3IdXAAA7QLv_zpsttxnkgfc.jpg

Barcelona photo Barcelona C2skLP6XEAEIzh7_zpsqokysdib.jpg

Rome photo Rome women-march-696x522_zpsv0tmpudo.jpg

Florence photo Florence C2skCZzXgAAHrC-_zpsh3g1axpi.jpg

Geneva photo Geneva C2s1C0SWIAA60U3_zpsiep6elvi.jpg

Budapest photo Budapest C2skAFlVQAEgXed_zpswmjsm2r2.jpg

Warsaw photo Warsaw C2s08wVWEAA4DLD_zpsbwnh1akk.jpg

Stockholm photo Stockholm C2suDm8W8AAhfYM_zpscnejwne1.jpg

Copenhagen photo Copenhagen C2st1PkW8AQgWZ0_zpshqxdljep.jpg

Berlin1 photo Berlin1 C2slFy9XgAADBya_zpsfq23upoz.jpg

Berlin2 photo Berlin2 C2scvEKWQAECPwl_zpsesycqceq.jpg

Munich photo Munich C2sc_B5WQAAjtjF_zpswarnnab8.jpg

Frankfurt photo Frankfurt C2skW4sXcAAxWiK_zpsxuanib7a.jpg

Heidelberg photo Heidelberg C2s1AIkXAAA_xuL_zpsvformhjz.jpg

Dublin1 photo Dublin1 C2sdVMuXgAAmm5m_zpsgq4leq1t.jpg

Dublin2 photo Dublin2 C2st4r4W8AQTSP2_zpsvtqovhlm.jpg

Edinburgh photo Edinburgh C2sdK1CXgAYZr_e_zps505ouhqg.jpg

Cardiff1 photo Cardiff1 C2skH7EXEAQxNG8_zpsy22uywkp.jpg

Cardiff2 photo Cardiff2 C2stzWeW8AA5xi1_zpsharx60mb.jpg

Bristol photo Bristol C2sdUgdW8AAFxFc_zpstyatsf20.jpg

Southampton photo Southampton C2skZ7EXcAEQUPi_zpshc8xj5hw.jpg

Leeds photo Leeds C2skaMwW8AEpEYq_zpszbzjbcxg.jpg

Manchester photo Manchester C2skXRAXAAAK-gv_zpsc57zmpzp.jpg

Lancaster photo Lancaster C2st26uXcAAVnfh_zpsvodxgl3s.jpg

Trenton photo Trenton C2suCW7VIAAjved_zpsnmhuldrb.jpg

Shipley photo Shipley C2skUOCXAAA32Q9_zpsnjj4fipt.jpg

London1 photo London Trafalgar Square C2st9SvWgAAmkCF_zpsl1qochzz.jpg

London2 photo London2 C2stuVGW8AAl-WJ_zpsrgsyejbg.jpg

With thanks to everyone who posted their pictures on twitter!

Added: Isle of Eigg. Population 87!
 photo Eigg C2tI2jzXEAEG_Z2_zps6pxeizzq.jpg

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what a stunning gallery of not only women, but of men as well. put it differently....what a stunning display of human spirit.

I've done a lot of thinking the last couple days, now that the ....unspeakable has become reality. And...I think, in a positive vein, that the unspeakable has served for a great many a wake up call ....a sign that we need to care deeply and not just sit on our complacent behinds .......

I still pray for miracles....but i think it is far more likely that words need to be combined with consistent action.

Let us soldier decently, peacefully on, fellow beings!

and then i read things like this and am almost inclined to seek out the LoT (lump of trump) and shake his hand. From the Lithub:

“What I call for is a literature that craves the conflict and owns the destruction, a split-mind literature that features fear and handles shock, that keeps self-evident ‘reality’ safely within the quotation marks.” Aleksandar Hemon on writing in the age of Trump. | The Village Voice

(oddly, speaking of 'split-mind', i was reading an article on Steven Tyler this morning. One of the things he says motivates him, but in a positive way, is fear. He flys in (instead of fleeing from) the face of fear. Whatever he is afraid of, that is what he attempts. A good thing to think on, in these days when we will be called on to be bravely fearful (and the most positively, rawly *naked* of our lives). We will climb the mountain of our own lives, our own humanity. We will strive and learn and perhaps even die. Can we do these things? Yes. We. Can. )

Discussing all this with my dad I asked him if he had had this sense of doom in the nineteen-thirties, during the rise of Hitler. He said NO. There weren't many active fascists. Most people just sat back because they didn't realize the danger. It's encouraging to know that people are now aware of the danger and get to the streets!

although what will actually happen if faced with storm-trooperish goons is another conversation. It is one thing to be taken by surprise by an impending disaster. It is another thing to know what to do when and if the sh*t comes down.

may we not be faced with those very difficult decisions...the ones that go beyond marching and shouting our solidarity. May moral hearts and minds prevail.

"May moral hearts and minds prevail" Yes!

I've now seen pictures of the turnout in every major city in the US. It's amazing.
The challenge for you will be to translate this display of human spirit into political action. From what I understand that's going to be a long convoluted process. But I am more hopeful now.

Excellent article. Thanks for posting it.

As you say, it sums it up very well. Thank you for the link.

you are welcome. Do not despair, Ambree. The incursion of bad prompts the emergence of good.

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